The ARIA Network Announces Exclusive Agreement to Provide AR-Driven Consumer Experiences at All Brookfield Shopping Centers

LOS ANGELES – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The ARIA network, a disruptive media network, today announced an exclusive partnership with Brookfield Properties to take advantage of augmented reality as immersive experiences in all Brookfield Properties malls.

The agreement will allow the company to provide endemic and non-endemic advertising through AR technology, powered by ARIA 360 ° AR, including digital store directories, track search, and exclusive in-store promotions for brands and tenants.

The exclusive virtual air rights offer the ARIA network the ability to feed virtual advertising in the common areas of Brookfield Properties malls across the country, representing more than 100 locations in 42 states and more than 150 million square feet of ‘commercial space.

“We are excited to partner with ARIA within our retail portfolio,” says Patrick Pechous, senior director of strategic partnerships at Brookfield Properties. “Brookfield Properties is always looking for new and innovative experiences for our guests and we know our mall communities will accept this new offer.”

ARIA 360 ° AR technology has recently driven immersive AR experiences in the Super Bowl through Pepsi Halftime AR with The Weeknd, as well as through Virtual Fan experiences in support of the opening of SoFi Stadium with LA Rams , LA Galaxy and Herbalife.

ARIA 360 ° AR technology has the potential to offer buyers, through the use of their mobile phones, the possibility of interacting with content, a virtual directory of shopping malls, location in shopping environments, immersive sales screens, tactless transactions, innovative in -storing brand experiences and digital interaction with your family and friends, among other features.

For marketers, the use of RA has demonstrated intent to buy, significantly higher conversions, and providing more robust first-hand data with real-time information about buyer interaction, conversion triggering, and content. that resonates.

“Through this agreement, we can take advantage of millions of square feet of unexploited advertising inventory: virtual air rights in the common spaces of major malls across the country,” said Darren Mann, co-CEO of ARIA. “For both brands and tenants, this provides a highly immersive and innovative form of advertising, through RA, which attracts buyers directly to the point of purchase and can be accessed simply if they are asked to scan their immediate environment using RA technology your phones “.

“Because shoppers’ experiences are critical to interaction between malls, location-based RA and interactivity in common areas provide an effective and efficient way to capture shoppers as soon as they enter the mall, they drive more tenants and allow them to be part of the equation, “said David Bell, former CEO of The Interpublic Group, an adviser to The ARIA Network. buyer in public spaces at the same time that he will obtain income that before did not generate income “.

In addition to the exclusive deal with Brookfield Properties, ARIA also brings its AR advertising platform to public spaces in stadiums, airports, concert halls, music festivals and universities.

ARIA will begin working with key partners to bring the 2021 holiday season to life with innovative experiences in the common areas of Brookfield Properties malls. In addition, as a leader in the “figital” revolution, ARIA is creating a fully immersive metaverse to expand authentic consumer experiences in a unique virtual world inspired by user communities.

As for the ARIA network

The ARIA network is an integrated and disruptive multimedia network that uses proprietary technologies to immerse consumers and fans in new virtual worlds in ways never imagined. ARIA creates a disturbing augmented reality with billions of access doors to infinite possibilities through proprietary recognition technology. ARIA also runs the ARIA Exchange, the world’s most advanced NFT trading platform that is more efficient, transparent, secure and carbon neutral. ARIA partners with global brands to dynamically attract their consumers anywhere, digital or physical. ARIA partners with leagues, players and celebrities to attract and excite fans of this new “figital” ecosystem.

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