The ArtScience Museum opens a permanent VR gallery of digital art

The new VR gallery a Marina Bay Sands‘ArtScience Museum will open on July 10th. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art virtual reality headsets and controllers, which guests can enjoy immersive artistic experiences.

The innovative VR gallery kicks off with a presentation of VR artwork made by contemporary artists Anish Kapoor, Olafur Eliasson i Marina Abramovic.

Honor Harger, executive director of the ArtScience Museum, said new technologies such as virtual reality and AR “allow museums to create new pioneering experiences for the public.”

Harger said the attraction “will feature a continuous program of cutting-edge virtual reality work by artists, filmmakers and scientists.”

The attraction “emphasizes the ArtScience Museum as a destination for innovative immersive experiences,” Harger added.

In collaboration with Agut Art, Hyperrealities is the headline of the VR gallery launch, with Eliasson, Abramović and Kapoor exploring nature, climate change and the human body.

“Current immersive technologies, virtual reality and augmented reality, will change and
expand the ways we experience art, ”he said Daniel Birnbaum, artistic director of Agut Art.

Eliasson’s first RV illustration, Rainbow, merges art and science. Eliasson generates a digital version of the natural phenomenon, with visitors entering one immersive environment where they encounter a falling curtain of water.

Immersive digital art at the ArtScience Museum

Abramović, a pioneer of the art of performance, fuses art and activism in her RV artwork, entitled Going up. This explores the effects of climate change on sea level within a virtual space with a glass tank.

Into Yourself, Fall is Kapoor’s first VR play. This makes viewers travel the human body and visitors experience the sensation of falling into themselves while wearing virtual reality headsets.

Last month, the ArtScience Museum opened a major exhibition called Virtual Realms: Transformed Video Games, which is a multisensory experience with interactive and immersive facilities.

These were created by some of the world’s leading video game developers, including Kojima Productions, Enhance, thatgamecompany, Tequila Works, Media Molecule and David OReilly.

Images: Marina Bay Sands

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