The Best Augmented Reality Apps for the iPhone 2021 Tips

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Check out the best augmented reality apps for the iPhone

A few years ago, Pokémon GO became an international phenomenon, bringing augmented reality (RA) to the mainstream. Since then, RA games and apps have become a part of our lives.

Apple quickly caught up and followed the trend. In January, they released an update to their ARKit that allowed developers to create AR applications with ease.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can find an RA app for anything you can imagine. We have selected some apps that you may find useful and there are also fun games. Read on for more information on the best options.


ModiFace is actually a developer with a set of different apps that turn the iPhone into a virtual beauty salon. The applications that stand out are the make-up and the virtual nail salon. Given the names, you can already guess what these applications are for. However, MakeUp is particularly interesting because it allows you to try virtually various specific brands and types of makeup.

All applications in the ModiFace suite are free and AR offers realistic-looking results. Interestingly, the French cosmetics giant L’Oreal bought ModiFace.

Tap Measure

Wondering how big your room is? Want to know if photo frames are level? TapMeasure is the app for you. With a little RA help, you can create accurate 3D floor plans, measure objects quickly, or use a smart level to see if everything aligns correctly.

In addition, this application can be useful for architects and civil engineers, as it allows them to export plans to SketchUp. TapMeasure is free, works with iOS 11.0 and later and is also available for iPad.

Visible body

Like ModiFace, Visible Body is a developer that offers a set of applications designed to help medical students learn anatomy. Your Human Anatomy Atlas is the AR-enabled application that allows you to create a virtual anatomy lab in your room.

You can place a corpse, organ or part of the virtual body on any flat surface and dissect it down to the smallest detail. Each muscle is listed by name and location. In addition, you will get a parallel preview of the cross section of the body and the corresponding computed tomography.

This is a paid app and you can get advanced education and animations from the patient with in-app purchases as well as dental anatomy.

The night

Judging by its three Webby and Lovie awards, Night Sky delivers one of the best RA apps for iPhone. Not to mention, he has one of the highest ratings in his category. But what does the night sky do?

Launch the app, point it at the night sky, and marvel at the constellations, planets, satellites, and stars above your head. Night Sky uses the iPhone’s GPS and camera to provide an accurate view of astronomical objects.

In addition, the latest features allow you to preview the models and planetary portals of Glass Constellation in RA from the comfort of your home. The app is free (with in-app purchases) and works with iOS 10.0 and later.

To increase

ARise is a fun augmented reality puzzle game with a friendly adventurer who looks like a hardened version of Marvin the Martian. The goal is for your character to be able to climb the imposing stony flanks and make it possible by creating paths and aligning magical connections.

There are several visual clues to help you solve the puzzles as you progress through the challenging world of ARise. The RA itself is pretty impressive, as you get the feeling that the game is unfolding right in front of you. You need to physically play it to play it, not just move the device.

The game is available on iOS 11.0 and later and there is a small fee to unlock the full version.

Kings of the pool

Kings of Pool is for users who dream of having a full size pool table at home.

With this game, you can place an AR pool table in any room and play against some of the most skillful sharks in the world. The game has a state-of-the-art physics engine, so you can perform magic shots with amazing accuracy. You can also create a profile to display your stats, medals, and badges as you climb to the top of the Kings of Pool skin card.

Improving the world

Undoubtedly, AR took the usability of the iPhone to another level. Whether it’s gaming, entertainment or education, these RA apps extend user interaction beyond the phone screen. So grab your iPhones and see for yourself how immersive and fun these apps can be.

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Final words: the best augmented reality applications for the iPhone

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