The collaboration of Vuzix and Ohana One provides surgical assistance through AR Smart Glasses in 35 developing countries

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June 29, 2021 – Vuzix Corporation, a provider of smart glasses and augmented reality (RA) technology and products, in collaboration with Ohana One, a global nonprofit organization for surgical training, has announced that the Virtual Surgery Smart Eyewear Surgery and Education Program for the NGO community is now available in 35 countries Of the world.

The Surgical Sight program, which was formally launched in October 2020 by Ohana One, uses Vuzix smart glasses and Help Lightning software to connect surgical mentors in developed areas with surgeons in developing areas around the world to create training relationships within surgery. As of June 2021, 835 calls had been made with Vuzix smart glasses, which were used to connect more than 100 surgeons in five specialized areas, including neurosurgeons, general and colorectal surgeons, adult and pediatric orthopedic surgeons. and plastic and reconstructive surgeons. The first cohort consisted of 50 surgical teams consisting of pairs of mentors and mentors from 35 developing countries. According to Vuzix, the goal of the Surgical Sight program is to grow it to 1,000 mentor / mentor couples.

Surgical mentors can share their surgical field of vision directly with a mentor, who sees what the mentors see, live and in real time, thanks to the specialized Smart Glasses software Help Lightning. The technology can take live feed photos, record videos, freeze the image, and then write to the top of a captured image. In addition, the software allows mentors to use their hands to point out areas that need special attention or direction, just as if the mentor were operating directly with the mentor in real time. Vuzix stated that this helps to improve the formative relationship between the mentor and the mentee, allowing those who are still learning to develop their surgical skills.

“The main purpose of global surgery is training activities between mentors and mentees. Due to many reasons from different regions, weather, local laws, transportation restriction or the COVID pandemic, experts cannot come to teach us directly. Vuzix smart glasses are becoming an important communication channel. We can receive help from our mentors remotely. The glasses work similarly to a smart camera with video calling and virtual reality suitable for the operating room. We really enjoy using these devices to improve the quality of our global surgical programs, ”said Dr. Can of InterSurgeon, a partner at Ohana One, head of the neurosurgery department at Children’s Hospital 2 in Vietnam.

“We are thrilled to be working with Ohana One and its growing list of participating surgical teams around the world to support their virtual Surgical Sight smart glasses program on their mission to connect 1,000 pairs of mentors / mentors, ”said Paul Travers, president and CEO of Vuzix.

To learn more about Vuzix and its augmented reality smart glasses, click here. For more information on Ohana One, click here.

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