The company behind the massive Carolina Panther AR explains why “this will be the future”

The Carolina Panthers entered the world of augmented reality (RA) after showing fans a 30-second clip of a “mixed reality” panther throwing themselves on the scoreboard and ripping off the Jets’ team flag. opponents in midfield before pitching during their first game. of the NFL season last week.

Although the Panther was not at the stadium, the live mixed reality show created by The Famous Group featured a three-dimensional experience for Bank of America stadium fans.

“The reason this will be the future of animation is that we can manipulate the environment to the point that you don’t know what’s real and what’s not,” Jon Slusser, owner of The FamousGroup told Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “They are elements of video games performed live in a live scene. And what can we do about it … That’s just the tip of the iceberg. “

The clip posted by Panthers on Twitter has garnered more than 5.7 million views, nearly double the number of followers Panthers’ account has, and has generated more than $ 60,000 in value for the franchise and its partners, for Sportico.

“A panther running around the stadium”

The famous group created an RA video for the Baltimore Ravens football team in 2019 featuring a crow taking off through the stadium. However, the Panthers video has attracted even more attention because the panther interacts with its environment, Slusser said.

“When you see these 3D characters in a live shot, they seem to interact with the stadium, with the field, with the goal post, it really throws you off,” Slusser said. “People hadn’t really seen it before.”

Video presentations like this can take about two months from ideation to show time, he explained, with much of the presentation corresponding to live production. As the virtual panther becomes a live information channel, a person with a camera follows the animated movements around the stadium in the same way it would track a player on the field.

The Carolina Panthers used AR to show a panther inside the stadium. (Photo: @ Panthers / Twitter)

Slusser believes the technology is advanced enough to do much more with the Panther and RA in general. His company has already used similar technology to create a promotional RA race at NRG Stadium for the Houston Texans football team and the Famous Group has also seen “incredible interest” from other companies since he left. broadcast the Panthers video on Sunday.

It’s just the beginning, Slusser argued, because just like a video game, mixed reality experiences can be whatever the creator chooses.

“We only have one panther running around the stadium,” Slusser said. “When you really start thinking about the creative possibilities of entertainment, sponsorship, promotion, information and data that can be staged, it’s a very powerful technology. And I think that will be the norm to advance in the transmission ”.

Josh Schafer is the producer of Yahoo Finance.


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