The development of artificial intelligence continues,

Technological singularity it is defined as the point from which a civilization has reached such technological development which has no turning back. From this point on, it will not be possible to predict the direction or direction consequences that advances will have in the future, and many technologists place this point at the time the first is found Artificial intelligence or AI becomes self-aware. (In fact, many works of fiction place the beginning of hostilities between humans and conscious machines not at the moment when one side violently attacks the other, but when the AI ​​begins to wonder about the meaning of their existence or about the possibility that they are also beings with souls.)

The process of creating non-organic intelligence is more complicated than initially thought, as one of the requirements that was traditionally considered infallible to detect true AI, the Turing test, has already been overcome by computer programs which simulate human intelligence. According to Alan Turing, the mathematician who created the test, to pass the Turing test it is necessary for the program to fool 70% of the humans who talk about it for five minutes. Companies like Amazon are already working hard through AWS to create machine learning tools for AI, and Bezos ’company is certainly not alone.

Microsoft Azure

If you had asked anyone in the 1990s and early 2000s about a computer-related company, the answer would have been “Microsoft” in 90% of cases. Although this hegemony has been questioned for years, the company founded by Gates has not wanted to leave behind the issue of AI, and in its tool Microsoft Azure offers learning for AI and machines.

But there are many more features, including three:

1. Internet of things

When we talk about the Internet of Things, we are talking about the connection of the machines that populate our homes (refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, coffee makers and eventually, even toilets), our work centers (printers, computers, …), and even our cities (cars, traffic lights, or parking ticket vending machines) on the Internet constantly. Of this

In this way, they will be able to collect and process all kinds of information that will help make human life more comfortable. To properly implement the Internet of Things, an AI will be needed to manage and interpret the information.

2. Blockchain

The blockchain is the technology that, among many other things, has made it emerge cryptocurrencies possible and that, according to his supporters, will end up rationalizing and thinning the bureaucracy. In addition, AI expert professor Ahmed Banafa believes that implementing blockchain alongside AI would further increase its efficiency.

3. Mixed reality and AI

Mixed reality would have come to implement virtual reality on a single device. Environment that immerses the user in an environment completely alien to physical reality and augmented reality, which combines reality with virtual elements thanks to a device that interposes itself between the human eye and reality. At a Las Vegas event, a presenter from Bill Gates’ company gave a lecture in English while an AI controlled a hologram that delivered the same lecture in real time in Japanese alongside the human teacher. It seems that this time the time has come for AI.

How will the emergence of non-human intelligence with the potential to be far above human beings affect the economy?

Artificial intelligence and its impact on investment

Investing in long-term technology or trading technology stocks (given that tools like financial leverage in online trading pose risk to the investor) are two ways to try to get on the Artificial Intelligence train. . But just as the emergence of true AI raises doubts among some futurists, investors and traders should be just as cautious.

In addition, some analysts believe that a bubble has been created around AI for a few years now. And the companies that develop it need to be careful about the level of exposure of the capital they invest in, perhaps combining investment in cutting-edge technology with more conservative investments.

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