The Far Cry 6 season pass includes Villains, Blood Dragon Re-Release

Also, a reissue of ‘Dragon Dragon’.


Far Cry 6The story revolves around the conflict between Giancarlo EspositoThe fictional Latin American dictator and the fighters for guerrilla freedom, but the season pass of the game will place us in a very different kind of experience, as it gives players control of the villains Vaas, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed. The revelation, made by Ubisoft during the editor’s conference at E3, includes another feature of the Season Pass: a reissue of Blood dragon, an autonomous expansion of Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 6The trailer ‘Season Pass’ returns to the big bad guys of the last three Far Cry games, seemingly trapped in a virtual reality where their dreams and nightmares come to life. To control the three villains, the player will have to wreak havoc along the way to discover the secrets of the simulation and perhaps escape the twisted reality. It is still unclear whether the three villains can be controlled in the same campaign or whether each villain will have a special level. However, all three share at least the strange narrative background, which brings certain vibrations of terror to the franchise.

The trailer also tells fans Far Cry 3: Dragon Dragon is part of the season pass, but without revealing whether the reissue includes improved graphics or other improvements in quality of life. Although Blood dragon is an expansion for Far Cry 3, the DLC is actually a standalone game with its own storyline, plot and characters. Blood dragon it functions as a parody of 80s action movies, starring Sergeant Rex “Power” Colt, a military cyborg, and a retro-futuristic cyberpunk open world. Yes, it’s crazy like that, and if Ubisoft returns it with a new coat of paint, that’s amazing news.

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Vaas was first introduced in a Far Cry 3 trailer in which he explained the definition of madness, which quickly went viral and helped him become the favorite character of fans of the franchise. Even if the later villains never achieved the same glory as Vaas, each brought something new to the table. Far Cry 4Pagan Min added an aristocratic cloak to Vaas’s brutality and unpredictability Far Cry 5Joseph Seed followed a completely different path as the leader of a cult of the apocalypse located in the United States. It will be interesting to see how the franchise will bring the three villains together, and maybe even make them fight each other to escape the creepy nightmare dimension.

Far Cry 6 will arrive on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia and Microsoft Windows this October 7th. There is no release date for Far Cry 6Season pass. Check out the season pass trailer below.

For the first time in the history of franchises, become the bad guy. You are Vaas. You are paid Min. You are Joseph Seed. Play as past villains with the # FarCry6 season pass. Watch now and learn more. Book Far Cry 6 now on Xbox Gold and Ultimate editions:

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