The first major Sniper Elite VR update adds custom difficulties and bHaptics support: VRFocus

One of the great AAA (VR) virtual reality titles that came out this year for major headphones was Rebellion’s Sniper Elite VR. It’s been a couple of months since the launch and development teams, which include Coatsink and Just Add Water, have released the first major update for the shooter, which adds new features and lots of refinements.

The new patch has arrived today for the Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR and PC VR headphones, which implement quality-of-life improvements that gamers have demanded. Some of the most notable additions include custom difficulties that allow snipers to select options to enable and disable target assistance, bullet drop, and bullet wind.

The new vignette options provide refined adjustments, while the ability to adjust weapon alignment means players should find a setting that suits their particular style of play. On the subject of weapons Sniper Elite VR it now has official support for the ProTubeVR guns, plus if you want the game to be even more immersive, the bHaptics Tactsuit X40, the Tactosy for the arms and the Tactal for the head all work.

PC players also get a number of visual enhancements with additional graphics options added for FXAA, MSAA, SSAA and Lens Flares. They will all affect performance, so you’ll need a high-end PC to use them. To see all the improvements, you can find the change log on Steam.

Sniper Elite VR

Reviewing Sniper Elite VR in july VRFocus he said, “So it was Sniper Elite VR is it worth anticipating and waiting for? Definitely. It is not without problems to try to find this balance between being a fun experience for everyone, while offering veterans of virtual reality a video game in which they can be really caught. But when you walk in, Sniper Elite VR it becomes a really captivating VR shooter “.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Sniper Elite VR, reporting with more updates.

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