The first world championship in precision flight

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A French company that develops technological and educational solutions to improve the safety and in-flight performance of all pilots has launched the world’s first virtual world championship of “top pilots”. The final stages of the events will take place in France in early November 2021 and the contestants will be assisted by experienced pilots and instructors, from the naval aeronautics, the air and space army, the Patrouille de France and the airlines.

Several hundred drivers from around the world are expected to participate in both the training phase and the selection for this purpose. World first edition. It started in the early summer of 2021, but registrations continue until the end of October. Participants will compete in virtual reality devices during a series of events on light aircraft and warplanes. The finals will be held at the Aéro-Club de France in Paris and in ParisPioneers Escape in Toulouse.

Competitors will need to demonstrate their decision-making qualities, participation, and flexibility in simulated environments with a very high cognitive load. ” This tournament aims to raise awareness among pilots, amateur pilots and professionals in the virtual world of flight safety. ”, Defines Arnaud Violand, president of the French company two swords which is the origin of the event.

« We do not come from a virtual or simulated world as such, Safetyn is a young company created in 2016 that has set itself the goal of improving the debriefing of pilots after their actual flights. explain. But when we saw the possibilities offered by virtual and augmented reality devices, we decided to use them to create digital training modules and decision support, as well as to train pilots in real conditions. And, as in France, we have aviation enthusiasts who sometimes add many hours of flight to their home pilots, and this was an opportunity to challenge them so they could improve their skills. The challenge in the championship is for e-riders to demonstrate their qualities of accuracy while competing. For example, they have to land in a simulator in very difficult conditions that pilots can already find. Each country organizes its own national finals and the best competitors in France will compete during the World Championship The best riders next November. »

The transition from virtual to reality will undoubtedly be the ultimate reward for the winners of the Top Pilots Challenge. They will benefit from meticulous and personalized training Planes in a real flight. Training by ten pilots and instructors who are among the most experienced in French military and civil aviation and, in particular, by Etienne Bauer, current director of Landevisiau Naval Air Base Operations.

Something makes Pete “Maverick” look envied, Tom Cruise’s character would still play in the next installment of the film. The best the film premiere coincided with the finals of the first World Championship for Best Drivers, but was finally postponed to May 2022.

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