The latest Oculus Quest update allows you to easily invite other people to play

Oculus is launching its v31 software update on the Quest and Quest 2 headphones starting today, and is full of some quality of life improvements. Most importantly, it will be easier to invite recent non-friends and teammates to play a game or experience an app together. When you’re in the game or in the app, pressing the Oculus button will open the universal menu as usual, but soon more apps will show a new “Invite to App” button next to the “Resume” and “Exit” buttons “. If friends accept your invitation, you can see them in the menu. This feature will be released soon in games such as Beat Saber, Blaston, Demeo, VR shooting, ForeVR bowl, Hyper Dash, PokerStars VR, i Topgolf with Pro Putt.

If you don’t want to bring the group closer to VR, an upcoming update of the Oculus app to iOS and Android will allow you to create a multiplayer session here and there. For supported games and applications, you can get a link that can be shared with others to join the group. You can also choose how long the link will be active. Any major platform with a social component should have intuitive invitation tools like these, and I’m glad to see Oculus moving forward here.

Other features of the v31 may or may not be as useful, depending on how you use the Quest headphones, but they are important. With the update, the browser application will also have the ability to automatically save and fill in passwords, protected with an unlock pattern. Both the unlock pattern and passwords are stored on the device, according to Oculus in its press release.

Oculus also adds send and read receipts to the Messenger app and feedback emoji directly from Facebook. True, this should make it easier for people to answer instead of searching with the virtual keyboard.

If you expect v31 to arrive on your headset, please note that it may take a few weeks to arrive at yours.

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