The launch of the RV game incentive testing program will send RV headphones to selected participants

Welcome to the Afflarium testing program

AFFLARIUM launches a closed incentive testing program so anyone can try to participate by filling out a form and, if selected, will receive a VR headset.

OTTAWA, CANADA, September 13, 2021 / – The Afflarium team is looking for participants willing to participate in the testing program that will be launched on September 17, 2021.

The test will take place in the world of Afflarium, a massive metavers of multiplayer games supported by blockchain technology. It is a special and realistic gaming world, combining virtual reality, cryptocurrency, NFT, digital ownership, a real economy and a unique gaming experience.

The test will include:

– Interaction with the world of Afflarium using virtual reality headsets and PCs.

– GUI tests.

– Make transactions by buying various artifacts and items within the game.

– Use, practice and handle different types of game elements.

– Test the game process.

The duration of the testing program is 6 months.
Anyone can try to participate, just fill out the form.

“At Afflarium, we do our best to achieve the highest quality. We are confident that the more people take part in the tests, the better. ”- The Afflarium team

The Afflarium ecosystem works with multiple blockchains and protocols, making the most of everyone.

– Ethereum

– Solana

– Polygon

To enhance your gaming experience, Afflarium will support hardware such as facial and body tracking, haptic VR suits, and treadmill for virtual reality.

“We are trying to create a very realistic world. A world that can be felt. Both those who prefer a computer and those who are prepared for virtual reality. “- The Afflarium Team

Afflarium is developing the Afflarium world, with the goal of creating large-scale, cinematic-quality graphics with a first-person video game experience, using blockchain technology, game development, 3D design and virtual reality.

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