The most surreal virtual reality event of the year, Burning Man, has just been expanded

Virtual Burning Man continues to run until the 15th, and has some of the weirdest virtual artwork imaginable, but you’ll need some headphones.

The wildest and strangest RV the summer event, Burning Man’s Virtual Burn 2021, has been extended until September 15th. The COVID-19 pandemic caused Burning Man’s personal cancellation over the past two years, but burners can witness the surreal experience with virtual reality headsets. Thanks to virtual reality, many day-to-day events and activities have managed to continue over the past two years, with ABBA doing virtual concerts and open classrooms in metaverse. Virtual reality has really been a useful tool for maintaining a certain sense of normalcy as everyday life changed drastically.

Burning Man is a psychedelic music festival that usually takes place in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. She is known for her eclectic musical performances outside the world performed by musicians and DJs from around the world, as well as for fans who dress up in extravagant artistic costumes. In Burning Man, on the Saturday before Labor Day every year, there is a burning of a giant wooden effigy, followed by a party until sunrise. One of the basic tenants of Burning Man includes the artistic expression that is usually demonstrated with the amazing and unique sets of each performer. Thanks to virtual reality, people were still able to experience this year’s event that was out of this world.

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Now, the organizers of Burning Man on VR, BRCvr, have stated that the event will continue until September 15 due to the success it achieved, as it had over 90,000 unique sign-ups. The event features over 150 worlds created by BRCvr so users can explore them with stunning surreal art that any Burning Man veteran will want to check out. Users can interact with each other around virtual bonfires known as “Mini burns where they can share their crazy virtual reality experiences.

It’s not quite a desert, but it is

Users can access the event by going to the Virtual Burn online store and selecting a package. One of the options is SparkleVerse which opens the option for users to view artwork submitted by Burning Man fans in their browser. The following is Burn Week Live which is the bulk of the metaverse experience in which users can create a surveillance party, interact with a virtual campsite where others can stream themselves and attend events such as an effigy recording. Also available on Dusty Multivers option where burners use 3D avatars to interact with acts and other viewers and do live chats.

He virtual reality the event is completely free to attend online, but is open to donations to keep the party going and support developers, with a suggested donation of $ 20. The event ends Sept. 15 and is compatible with most headphones, so be sure to check out the BRCvr website to reserve a spot. If you do, you can boast of saying you attended Burning Man, technically.

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