The new networking group is a virtual reality for Highlands and Islands companies

The business networking organization BNI has formally launched its first exclusive online group in Scotland, with members from the Highlands and Islands.

The new group, called Tuath, or North in Gaelic, is among the last chapters to be formally established under the BNI Scotland North umbrella and already has about 25 members.

The 17 BNI Scotland North groups are meeting online due to the pandemic, but Tuath will be the first to launch on that basis and continue as a virtual chapter.

All BNI groups aim to provide a platform for member companies to share business contacts and help others build new relationships.

Douglas Greig, consulting director at BNI Scotland North, said: “Tuath members are up to 100 miles apart, so it is logical and reasonable for them to maintain their online entity status.

“Participating companies are already well accustomed to interacting with each other through virtual platforms as they seek to grow their connections and realize their development ambitions.”

Membership in the group, which spans an area from Black Island to Wick, comes from sectors ranging from professional services and communications to media and transportation.

Angela Kinghorn, Executive Director of BNI Scotland North, said: “Tuath is just one of a series of new groups we have launched in recent times and we are delighted with the extent and quality of participation so far.

“The online solution overcomes the logistical problems associated with running this network over a wide geographical area and we expect other companies to join us and take advantage of the group’s potential growth opportunities.”

BNI Scotland North, part of the global BNI organization, is owned by Aberdeen-based Angela and her husband Bryan, who is also an executive director.

BNI Scotland North, which generated £ 14 million worth of business for members in 2020, now has a total of 17 groups, with the latest additions in chapters for the Stirling area and another on the Stirling regions. Tayside, Perthshire and Fife.

There are 370 members in total in BNI North Scotland.

BNI members pay a membership fee to be part of a group, which meets weekly. Each group is formed without competitors; only one company from a specific market sector is included in each group. Prior to the pandemic, face-to-face meetings were held.

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