The Newport Naval Station Command Officer will begin professional development of the STEAM program for Pell Elementary Teachers

Claiborne Pell Elementary School, in partnership with the East Bay Educational Collaborative (EBEC), announced this week that Captain James R. McIver, commander of Naval Station Newport, RI, is beginning the professional development of the school’s teachers. Primary Skin who volunteered to pilot the first year of Reach the stars, a $ 500,000 STEAM K-4 program funded by DoDEA.

Captain McIver will speak with Pell’s teachers at 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 23 at EBEC’s professional development facilities located at 317 Market Street in Warren, RI.

According to an EBEC press release, Reach the stars it has three main objectives. 1) Increase the percentage of military-connected elementary school students who get science scores by 5% each year. 2) Improve the healthy eating and balance habits between school and school life of military-related primary school students by 5% each year. 3) Increase the percentage of military-connected primary school students participating in STEAM events by 10% each year. All Pell students will have access to resources and programs funded by grants, so all students will benefit.

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