The non-contradictory scientific and yogic-complementary view

Why do you insist that the universe is not a conscious intelligence when it gives birth to conscious intelligences?

Cicero, c. 44 BC

The author is a cardiac electrophysiologist and professor of cardiology and public health, based in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. He is the founding president of the American Academy of Yoga and Meditation.

Every soul that has taken a human form for its existence on earth has questioned the concept of consciousness. Why are we aware? Are the snake or a dog as conscious as we are? What about rocks? Is it a COVID-19 virus that behaves as a living thing when presented to a host as a human being, but can be stored for a millennium as a non-living one? Are you aware? Just as ordinary men have thought and rethought God, the origin of his existence, and other wonderful but ill-defined things that have been happening to his body, mind, and soul. Science has been searching for these answers for more than a century. But it is the yogis who have been able to understand at least a little of the ultimate truth.

A famous book describes how Brahma had a dream and created the world. It takes a yogic lifestyle and understanding to understand this thought he has proposed. Deepening into the concept of consciousness, we understand that we are all trapped in virtual reality, or Maya, as it is called. Our soul, which is believed to be encompassed in our physical body, needs a way to exist on earth. The human brain is tuned to focus only on human consciousness, as it is required for human existence. To understand universal consciousness, we need a more powerful brain derived from years of yogic practice. Scientific studies with MRI images, PET scans have clearly shown many radical changes in the meditating brain, including a better network between brain sites, an increase in neuronal mass or cortical brain, and possibly more functional effectiveness. It is also evident that the longer the practice is more refined, the more efficient our brain becomes. It is strange that current physics and the powerful yogi share similar feelings about the Universe. Swami Vivekananda has been quoted as saying, “Our own mental attitude makes the world what it is for us. Our thinking makes things beautiful; our thoughts make things ugly. Everyone is in our minds. Learn to see things in the right light. ” One of the most prominent theoretical physicists of the twentieth century, John Wheeler, said almost similarly, “No phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon.” These concepts are new and radical for physics, but not Vedanta philosophy; Buddhist scholar Ashwagosha, the seventh-century master, says it does not exist; we create existence!

Yoga is the only known process that provides us with a way to understand the truth. Meditation can help “Chitta Vrittha Nirodha”. It can cleanse our minds of unwanted thoughts and create a super brain needed to understand any phenomenon outside of our worldly life. Our ancient sages are scientists who, by meditation, understood the nature of the Universe as modern scientists working in their laboratories do. However, not all discoveries are through laboratory reductionist work. Einstein’s concepts were demonstrated decades after he proposed them. Tesla had a dream that talked about alternating currents. Thus, many of the most significant discoveries were made inside the human brain. As Julius Robert Oppenheimer said: “The general notion of human understanding. What the discoveries of atomic physics illustrate … is not entirely unheard of or new in nature. (have) a more considerable and central place in Buddhist and Hindu thought. What we will find is an example, a stimulus and a refinement of the old wisdom ”.

Our yogis have always talked about “Advaita” and the unity of all that existence. Yet modern science took centuries to conduct experiments like Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen that proved Einstein wrong. The Universe is a connected whole: there is a connection between paired subatomic particles and they can communicate instantly even if they are at both ends of the Universe. Although modern physics and cosmology seem more metaphysical today than ever before, we still have reductionism among scientists. They are in denial and unprepared to believe that the entity (this Universe) that has created conscious intelligence like us is not consciously intelligent.


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