The psychedelic meditation startup of virtual reality Tripp raises $ 11 million from the A series: TechCrunch

As a growing number of startups sell investors in mobile apps that help consumers prioritize well-being and full attention, other startups are looking for a more immersive approach that allows users to completely disconnect from the world around them.

Tripp has been creating immersive relaxation exercises that seek to combine some of the experiences that users can find in guided meditation apps with more free experiences that allow users to disconnect from their day and explore their thoughts within a virtual reality headset while watching fractal shapes, bright trees and planets pass in front of them.

As its name suggests, the startup has made some efforts to create visuals and audio experiences that mimic the sensations people may have during a psychedelic journey, even though they do so without hallucinogens.

“A lot of people will never feel comfortable taking a psychedelic, this is a low-friction alternative that can offer a bit of that experience in a more benign way,” Nanea Reeves CEO told TechCrunch. “The idea is to group the mindfulness structures and mechanics of video games to see if we can really hack the way it feels.”

The startup tells TechCrunch that they have closed out $ 11 million in funding led by Vine Ventures and Mayfield with the participation of Integrated, among others. Tripp has raised about $ 15 million in total funding to date.

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Emerging virtual reality companies have struggled heavily to gain investor fervor in recent years, as major technology platforms have achieved virtual reality efforts one by one, leaving Facebook and Sony as the sole benefactors of a space who sometimes still have difficulty earning income. While there are many virtual reality startups that remain committed, many investors who supported space companies five years ago have focused their attention on video game and computer startups with broader applications.

Reeves says the pandemic has helped consumers mark the importance of mindfulness and mental health, which has also pushed investors to be bolder on what space projects they support.

Tripp has apps in the Oculus and PlayStation VR stores and subscription experiences that can be accessed for a $ 4.99 per month subscription.

The company offers a variety of guided experiences, but users can also use the company’s “Tripp Composer” to build their own visual streams. Beyond personalization, one of Tripp’s top sales is to provide consumers with deeper, faster meditative experiences, claiming that users can relieve stress with sessions of as little as 8 minutes inside the headphones. The startup is also exploring the use of the platform in office wellness solutions in the office. Tripp is currently in the midst of a clinical trial to study the effectiveness of the software platform as a therapeutic device.

The company says so far users have gone through more than 2 million sessions inside the app.

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