The remake of ‘Myst’ confirmed for the release date of August 26 on PC, Mac, Oculus and Xbox Game Pass

Cyan, based in Spokane, Washington, announced on Tuesday its latest remake of the original Myst it is scheduled to be published on August 26th.

This novelty Myst rebuilds the original 1993 PC game from scratch with Unreal Engine, adding new art, sound effects, interactive elements, more accessibility options and an optional mode that randomly puzzles the game. It was originally announced 11 months ago and was scheduled to launch initially for Oculus Quest in late 2020.

In Myst, you play as a nameless silent protagonist who finds a magical book, titled Myst, which transports you to an island of the same name with no obvious way back. To find your way home, you must explore the island, solve its various puzzles, and use other “link books” to travel to even more distant worlds.

Like many of Cyan’s latest releases, Myst 2021 has been created with virtual reality in mind and will initially be available in both the Oculus desktop app and Quest headphones. Customers who purchase one version of Oculus will also receive access to the other at no additional cost.

Alternatively, Myst will be available in 2D versions on release day for Windows, MacOS and Xbox Game Pass, where it can be played on both the console and computer. Myst will be available on other platforms in the future, although Cyan has not offered any details.

Myst it was the best-selling PC game of all time between 1993 and 2002, and is widely credited with encouraging consumer adoption of the CD-ROM drive. Myst it was also one of 80 games chosen by the Smithsonian in 2012 to feature in its traveling exhibition “The Art of Videogames”. Myst was created by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller, who currently direct Cyan.

Depending on how they are counted, 2021 Myst is the third or fourth remake of the original game, after the 2000 update Edition of the masterpiece, 2000s realMyst, and in 2014 based on Unity realMyst: Masterpiece Edition, which was originally made to celebrate Myst20th anniversary. Players who are interested in consulting the original Myst Cyan encouraged modern computers to collect in 2000 Edition of the masterpiece to Steam or GOG.

The main marquee feature of the 2021s Myst is its compatibility with virtual reality, which fits it into many other recent Cyan projects, such as its Cyan Ventures virtual reality-focused editorial footprint.

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MystThe initial success led to the creation of a multimedia franchise, which includes four sequels, two derivations including the MMO Myst online, a series of novels and the annual Mysterium fan convention. You can also point out many newly created first-person adventure games, such as Going home, dear Esther, Tacoma, i What’s left of Edith Finch, how Mystspiritual descendants.

Cyan announced in mid-2019 that he had sold the film and television rights Myst at Village Roadshow for further development, which proceeded to hire Ashley Edward Miller (Fringe, Andromeda, X-Men: first class) in April 2020 to lead the adaptation. There has been no word from the project, though Miller is reasonably active on social media, so he probably he was not trapped inside a linking book. Fingers crossed.

Cyan’s next original game project is the next adventure game Firmly. Cyan described it as a surreal steampunk journey, Firmly was successfully funded via Kickstarter in mid-2019. It is scheduled to be provisionally released in 2022 for all current virtual reality platforms, but will also be available in 2D for Windows, Mac and PlayStation 4.

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