The remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 get a modification of virtual reality

A modder is working hard on a new mod that will bring the horrible world of Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes to virtual reality.

resident evil 2 3 leon vr

Although usually restricted to television and computer screens, the Resident Evil The series has a long history of frightening its audience. Remake of Resident Evil 2 i Resident Evil 3 Remake they both revitalized the horror of these nineties titles and now a fan is working to make them even scarier by making them play in virtual reality.

Resident Evil is no stranger to the realm of virtual reality, like Resident Evil 7 was made available in RV via the PSVR. However, so far Resident Evil Village has not followed suit, and none of the remakes received virtual reality treatment. Fortunately, fans can take matters into their own hands and series enthusiasts seem eager to give it a try.

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A Resident Evil 2 i 3 Redo The praydog mod is up and running and will allow players to put on virtual reality headsets and survive first-person horror. A demo video showing a brief play of Resident Evil 3 Remake in VR it has been uploaded, although an exact release date for the mod is currently unknown.

The modification looks impressive, as it looks like the player is going through the dark hallways like Claire Redfield. The player is able to adjust his hands individually, letting them hold and direct the flashlight with his left hand and push the pistol with his right. While the player model arm sometimes develops an elastic, noodle-like appearance in the video, a note from the user who uploaded indicates that this issue has been modified with the full VRIK implementation.

While fans were able to escape the terrifying Baker family in virtual reality, there is no confirmation that players will be able to pull their necks out looking at the immensely tall Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village. However, it is possible that this development is still in process, as the PS5 is still scheduled to release its own version of PSVR in the future. It may simply not have been possible to develop an RV experience with the above hardware.

While the future of an official RV Resident Evil 2, 3, o People not clear Resident Evil 4 is an atypical value. Capcom and Oculus met to reveal it Resident Evil 4 arrives in Oculus Quest 2’s independent virtual reality headphones on the most modern consoles. Whether dealing with Cattle, Tyrants or normal virtual reality zombies, Resident Evil fans with virtual reality headsets have a lot to look forward to.

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