The rise of 100 smartphones: the beginning of a new era?

It has been almost 17 years since Nicholas Negroponte announced a grand plan to provide computers to children around the world to crush digital literacy and at the same time revolutionize the industry. Final product, OLPC XO LaptopIt is expected to cost $ 100 and is generally considered a commercial failure, as only millions of laptops have been shipped since its launch.

But it is their heritage that helps and compels the world in which we live. computer Manufacturers need to think of more affordable devices that are not tied down and that are available to the masses. He gave us a netbook ( Eee PC Take a look at 2007), Chromebook, Tablet And in the end, thanks to economies of scale, the price of at least one smartphone will be $ 100. This is a testament to the journey since OLPC first captured the imagination of many.

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A $ 100 smartphone that you can really use

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