The Southwest Regional Dairy Center receives a grant to help dairy farmers in the state

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Food and Agriculture Institute announced this week an investment of more than $ 7 million in research grants in non-grant-aiding land universities in U.S. agriculture.

According to NIFA information, Tarleton State University received a grant of $ 299,768 for the Southwest Regional Dairy Center.

Located in the heart of Texas Milkshed, Tarleton’s SWRDC is at the forefront of research-based information collection and processing for Texas dairy farmers.

To meet the demand for services / outreach from the Texas and Southwestern dairy communities, it became clear that the SWRDC needs greater capacity to attract geographically more distant groups, including Texas dairy farmers Panhandles Milkshed, agricultural researchers at College Station and extension educators. in all Texas counties, according to the grant application submitted to NIFA.

“To solve this problem, we propose to use 360 ​​° Virtual Reality Outleting (VR). Project IPs will record VR videos in different areas of farm and manure management,” the application says. of subsidy. “We will use these virtual reality videos to attract more producers to the state of TX and reach more staff through virtual reality training. Finally, we will develop an extension training network through SWRDC to train more producers on the best practices “.

These grants aim to increase the research, education and dissemination capacity of non-subsidized institutions to support the development of the innovations and manpower needed to sustain the agricultural industry in the future.

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