The State Museum is looking for computer services, which may include virtual reality

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A state-run museum that was the first of its kind is looking for a contractor to provide IT services.

In a budget request (RFQ) released Wednesday, the African American Museum of California (CAAM) in Los Angeles – “the first fully state-supported museum of African American art, history and culture” to its foundation in 1977, according to their website – looking for somewhat general computer services, albeit with a high degree of support and availability. Among the takeaway meals:

  • More specifically, CAAM is looking for a contractor capable of providing IT maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, and upgrade services with a high degree of support for IT administration; a company that has IT technicians in Los Angeles, may have on-site technology three days a week for 24 hours a week of service, but also “provide assistance 24 hours a day,” according to the RFQ.
  • Responsibilities include having a “clear understanding of systems administration, network engineering, and the management of a virtualized enterprise consisting of six servers and 30 workstations” and having high levels of knowledge with “managing SonicWALL NAT policies, internal and external firewall rules, content filtering, anti-virus protection, spam, malware and endpoint “; VMware, vCenter and vSphere; and” The experience of Windows 2012 R2 that consists, among others, of … management and deployment of group policies … and management of impression sharing “. The selected company must also be” well versed with Ruckus drivers and point management ‘access’,’ responsible for asset management of all network devices, appliances, managed switches, access points, printers, software and facilities, software updates and patch fixes’; and ‘well-trained in Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Exchange Server 2012, Microsoft Hypervisor, Apple 10x iOS, Droid and iPhone iOS “. The contractor should also be “familiar with load balancing, the enhanced QOS SonicWALL operating system, the HP Managed Switch 10/100/1000 POE switch with VLAN, VPN, SSH encryption and fiber optic uplink segments in IP segments separate “, according to the purchase request.
  • Among the required bids, the contractor must provide a solution for ticket sales assistance, a cloud-based virus endpoint solution, a redundant backup solution, and provide local desktop support and “sets of ‘professional consulting skills’. The selected contractor will also be required to provide quarterly refresher training courses as needed. In deliveries, the contractor must “comply with the schedules developed in collaboration with CAAM” to meet the objectives. The consultant must “prepare the biannual independent safety assessment” to the California Department of Technology “or as required” and must submit “a monthly progress / status report on compliance to the executive director and administrative manager” that includes “key issues, a work plan and a corrections plan”.
  • Minimum qualifications include having “provided information and technology services for at least five years that involved working with relevant nonprofit art organizations, museums, or institutions,” which are less than 50 miles from the museum; and references for three clients, one of whom is a client “for whom the proposer has performed information technology consulting services in the last three years that have involved working with non-profit art organizations, museums or relevant institutions “. The museum is interested in seeing “the proponent’s approach to managing in-person support with employees, contractors and landlords,” its readiness to respond to network outages on weekends; and the company’s experience in interconnecting art nonprofits, museums, or institutions relevant to virtual reality.
  • The potential value of the contract is not indicated. The duration of the contract will be 18 months, probably from December 1 to June 30, 2023. Quotes must be delivered before 4 pm on October 20 and the contract is expected to be awarded. for 4 p.m., Nov. 9.

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