The thing would be a perfect horror game

With the success of horror titles and the social deduction genre, it’s the perfect time to return to the horror movie classic The Thing.

The thing, as a franchise, has never had a big impact on video games. There was a game on PlayStation 2, but that’s all so far. Despite this, The thing it has a lot to offer players, and the current systems available could make for an amazing experience.

The main antagonist of The thing it is the homonymous thing, an alien life form that can change its cellular structure to resemble anything it has come in contact with. Both films in the series were set in Antarctic research centers and focused on the crew trying to figure out which of them were aliens. The PS2 game followed a similar theme and had a mechanic where the player had to deduce if any of their equipment had been replaced. However, it suffered from the limitations of technology at the time.

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The 1982 Kurt Russel Thing

One of the most important elements that needs to be perfected What the game is the air of suspicion. The player must be constantly aware that anyone he has come in contact with or has lost sight of at any time could be a disguised alien. The PS2 game was based on a fear confidence system that could influence the player’s actions. He also had times when NPCs were infected by the thing, but he made sure there was a system of probability that they could be infected at any time. The system was fantastic for its time, but it was possible to find out which characters would become infected and when some time would pass. However, with the popularity of multiplayer games, this could be the main focus of a new game and allow players to work against human intelligence and unpredictability.

Between us he also focused on player interaction and deception and was, in essence, one What game, though much more cartoony. The films used the environment and lack of light to keep the viewer in a state of suspense, which could be used in a game. If the game takes note of the movies and is placed in the article, it will trap players in a small area where they should survive while trusting that other players do not intend to kill them. However, the biggest difference would be the use of high-end graphics to really portray the body horror that made the films so effective. The alien can be transformed into twisted versions of the forms he had taken. The PlayStation version of the game could only portray some alien forms, but now it wouldn’t. Players could build their own characters and make the version of Thing vary depending on their options. This will make each monster unique and add a sense of horror when players see avatars that resemble their friends turned into monsters.

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The shape of the spider

Of course, there is much more gaming technology that could expand the idea of The thing. One of the biggest game updates in recent years would be virtual reality. Virtual reality would allow players to feel the immersion of the location and the desolate landscape around them. It would also make it more horrible to see any transformation from abroad. One of the cinematic techniques used by horror films involves the perception of the audience; monsters are never seen by the public until the characters see them, which could be amplified with VR technology. The player can see evidence of the creatures and hear them, but would not see them until the last moment, which would only increase the tension when he came in contact with another player.

Considering everything, The thing it offers many opportunities to be an excellent horror title. Technological advances mean that concepts that were originally only dreamed of by developers can now be reached. Hopefully, the series will recover and players will be able to experience fear and confusion first hand.

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