The Tianjin de Chayora data center campus achieves OCP Ready status

The Tianjin data center campus of Chayora Holdings has reached OCP Ready status, as recognized by the Open Compute Project Foundation.

The Tianjin campus of Chayora is the only data center in China that has achieved this recognition so far and demonstrates that the facility meets OCP standards of cost and efficiency.

The 32-hectare data center campus provides a gross power of more than 300 MVA and lower data storage requirements of up to 30 kVA per rack, with an energy efficiency (PUE) of 1, 2.

Oliver Jones, co-founder and CEO of Chayora, comments, “Our commitment to the Open Compute Foundation is key to our advanced strategy of bringing global design and operation standards to China.”

“Through our state-owned OCP Ready, we can demonstrate that we have obtained an objective assessment that our facilities provide optimized cost-effectiveness and efficiency for our customers and this is the first in China.”

The Tianjin Data Center campus is located to serve the growing areas of artificial intelligence, financial services and high technology.

The company has recently created a virtual tour of the data center through the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets.

“Using VR technology is a great way to experience our campus as if you were there in person,” Jones says.

“Our advanced data center offers scalable capacity from individual racks to 25,000 racks accessing more than 300 MVA of available power to meet the highest-scale requirements.”

Open Compute Project Channel Vice President Steve Helvie says Chayora is committed to supporting open collaboration in China.

“Its data center in Tianjin is a great example of optimizing on a large scale a facility for OCP hardware. We are working closely with the Chayora team to be a showcase for OCP hardware and look forward to more initiatives in the coming months. ”

Last year, the Tianjin de Chayora data center campus received design document certification from the Optimum Institute Tier III, indicating that the data center has been designed for optimum efficiency, reducing the risk and costs and will meet the highest levels of infrastructure performance.

Jones said in November 2020: “Having independent recognition of our design and construction skills is a fantastic success and will give our clients additional confidence in the suitability of our campus for future expansion.

“Chayora will also work closely with Uptime Institute to achieve Level III built facility certification.

“We will be happy to welcome potential customers to see our site in person and experience the future of data centers in China.”

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