The United States Air Force uses virtual reality in training on sexual assault prevention

The Department of Defense works to prevent and repress military harassment.

The U.S. Department of Defense is stepping up its prevention efforts against sexual harassment and harassment, and part of that effort includes the use of virtual reality training by the Air Force.

The goal is to use technology to combat training fatigue and foster better knowledge retention.

Air Mobility Command (AMC) is running a virtual reality pilot program. It should be used by both military and civilian employees. It will be used as a component of compulsory training in the prevention and response to sexual assault (SAPR).

“The goal is for this training to be to create an immersive and engaging training where aviators aren’t on their cell phones, they’re not zoned, they don’t send text messages, they actually have to pay attention,” the AMC said. Carmen Schott, manager of the SAPR program, is quoted in a report by the Federal News Network. “When you are in the virtual world, you are there and you have to be involved. You need to be present and use your voice to speak to an aviator who needs it right in front of you. It includes this experience for aviators and helps increase their skills, knowledge and abilities on how to answer some of these questions about sexual assault programs. ”

Training requires employees to wear a virtual reality headset and interact with a digital character.

With the headphones on, the employee enters a virtual dining room. There, another employee, played by an actor, entrusts them. The participant’s job is to convince the character to seek help for what he has experienced.

VR headsets offer several response options from which the participant can choose. The digital character has a different reaction to each of these responses.

“It’s very realistic even though it’s virtual,” Schott said. “You look around and you can see everything behind you on the ground. It is very real. It’s really amazing. Virtual reality: US Air Force aircraftTheir voices are there and you are interacting with them as if they were with you in front of a desk or a table ”.

The virtual reality program has been deployed in South Carolina at Joint Base Charleston. From there it will head to the Arkansas Little Rock Air Force Base.

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