the use of exposure to virtual reality in socially anxious adolescents ”a joint doctoral program (1.0 fte)

Research / academic


This doctoral project is a joint doctoral program between KU Leuven and Utrecht University. The overall goal of the project is to investigate the use of virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) in socially anxious adolescents and the underlying mechanisms of VRET. First, the efficacy of VRET in socially anxious adolescents in a randomized controlled trial will be investigated. In addition, three candidate mechanisms will be examined in a series of controlled studies. Several studies are planned, some of which will be carried out at the KU Leuven (partner institution). The main study will be conducted at Utrecht University (main institution).

The basic tasks of the doctoral student will include the development of experimental studies for the candidate’s mechanisms, the design of protocols, the recruitment and collection of data in socially anxious adolescents, the analysis of psychophysiological and behavioral data, the communication of results through publication in scientific journals and presentations at conferences. , and collaboration with other members working on this project.

Working hours:

32 – 38 hours a week


Cathedral Square 29

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