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Bracey co-founded and self-financed the new company Terra Virtua, with the goal of getting NFTs into the mainstream and has now raised incredible investments based on its nine-figure valuations. He shared what it was like to explore what an almost intact industry was and what the future might hold for the trade and gaming industry as technology developed without limits.

Bracey has had many roles in the gaming industry, where he has more than three decades of experience, from being the head of development at Ocean Software to founding Digimask in the early 2000s and seeing how the gaming world it evolves beyond the wildest imaginations of all. test knowledge.

Terra Virtua is the first company of its kind to offer a fully immersive digital collecting platform and social experience, revolutionizing the way people see and experience digital tokens like NFTs and creating a fan base for collectors from around the world.

Launched in 2016, along with Jawad Ashra, who is now president of the company, Bracey tried to create the next level of NFT trading as a form of entertainment rather than simply collectible.

“I have always been interested in new technology companies and I have been lucky that my career has followed this path; starting from the beginning of the video game industry to where I am today with Terra Virtua, ”Mr. Bracey commented.

“In fact, when I started playing, there was universal uncertainty about the longevity of the sector. But it was a very exciting time, we were at the forefront of technology and we were creating the templates that would shape the industry over the next few years. ”

He continued: “But most importantly, it gave me a huge experience that I have had throughout my career. This experience aroused interest in starting businesses in innovative technology sectors. “

Bracey explained that the technology sector was a pioneer in its best form, which is why it attracted him so much: “There are no precedents or established rules: rely on your instincts and common sense to help decide the best approach. for the different challenges. .

“We moved forward a few years, when Jawad, co-founder of Terra Virtua, initially approached me to consult his new virtual reality gaming company, we started brainstorming and we had a great idea for a new way to consume content in the market. The original concept of our business was a metaverse for entertainment. “

At the time, virtual reality was expected to quickly take over the gaming industry, but it’s still not the top choice for gamers or even tech enthusiasts who adhere to consoles the most. the PC.


“Unfortunately, the adoption of VR was a disappointment, but we had already identified an opportunity within the blockchain space that would allow us, with some modification, to adapt our original plan to work with NFT.

“We re-evaluated our plan and guided the basic premise of Terra Virtua, transforming it into the platform it is today; a marketplace and entertainment platform based specifically on the commitment and usefulness of digital collectibles, ”Bracey added.

Forming a business in a relatively unexplored field required good adaptability and the founding couple encountered obstacles for which no one could have prepared them.

“When Terra Virtua was created, there was little interest from British investors, as they had no knowledge or confidence in the NFT market. Because it was a business in its infancy (as early as 2017), there was very little data to demonstrate the capacity and potential of what NFTs could offer, making it harder for them to believe in the concept. Still, we got initial funding from friends, family, and the community who believed in us and our vision to create a whole new form of entertainment.

“The next big obstacle to overcome was the technological one; developing something that is innovative and innovative is not conducive to formulating an accurate development schedule.

“We also had to make sure to give ourselves more leeway in time and the launch of a beta testing phase has helped us correct and adjust the platform as needed.”

Bracey also shared some key tips he has taken from his experience as an entrepreneur: “If we look back at Terra Virtua’s journey, there are two takeaways I would give to anyone who wants to start a new business: if you can, find a partner with whom to start your business and listen to your end user.

“If he’s able to do it, look for a co-founder to work with you on the journey you have to take: building something from scratch is a big responsibility and having someone to support you, who can challenge you and who check your sanity every step of the way has been key to the evolution of Terra Virtua.

“In the same way, it is essential to listen to your customers; they are the ones who will ultimately use your product, so their feedback is key to your success. When we created Terra Virtua, we practiced what we preached, and over the last year, we’ve taken into account all of our users ’feedback during the beta testing phase and adapted our platform according to what they wanted to see; we are proud to launch soon what we have coined as Terra Virtua 2.0, which is a bigger and better digital platform, with the core user experience. ”

It is this connection with its users that has made Terra Virtua an industry-leading company.

Thanks to the comments, we now have the mission to turbo-charge fandom (from art to sports, music to movies, games to comics), with the world’s first fully immersive platform to buy, share, negotiate, exhibit and interact with digital collectible NFTs.

As the world has begun to shift to the digital realm (of working, shopping, entertaining and connecting with friends and family), this era is the true birth of this long-awaited concept of ‘metaverse’. Without a doubt, we hope that Terra Virtua will be one of the basic pillars for this “, he concluded.

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