The virtual fit and the brands that include size are perfect: brilliant

One of the most important benefits of this change is brands that cater to special sizes and products that require particular adjustments. Brands such as ThirdLove, 1822 Denim and Otero Menswear, which have expanded in size, have begun to integrate virtual equipment to attract customers with distrust of other brands. This also helps reduce yields, which have skyrocketed during the pandemic.

Otero Menswear, a brand focused on men under 5’10 “, relaunched its online store on Tuesday to make virtual fitness the centerpiece of the entire site. Founder and CEO Steve Villanueva said that the brand had already introduced virtual adjustment software on its site, but that it was buried even further in the purchase process, after a customer chose their product, color and size.The new site makes virtual fit be the first to see the customer and potentially the first to access it before you start browsing.

To use it, customers answer four quick questions about yours height, leg length, waist size and body type. They are then shown a virtual avatar that matches their responses. From here, the customer can dress up the avatar with representations of Otero’s clothing to see how each size fits. No need to go through the lace process to make a purchase. Villanueva said he prioritized making the process easy, accessible, and minimally intrusive.

“It’s a minimal mindset investment,” Villanueva said. “You may not have the patience to do a body examination or know the circumference of the chest, but everyone knows his height and waist [size] and the length of the pants. And with that, we can make a reasonably accurate avatar quickly and easily. “

The main advantage of virtual equipment is that it helps reduce performance. In 2020, Americans returned $ 428 billion in clothing, spurred on by store closures and the fact that many people could not or did not want to use storefronts in stores. But, according to Villanueva, the virtual equipment helped reduce the rate of return of Otero from 30% to 3% with respect to the norm of the industry in the last six months.

Otero had a retail store in Scottsdale, Arizona, but closed it permanently during the pandemic. Now, the brand makes 100% of its online sales.

The Bra brand ThirdLove is another company that uses a virtual fit to cater to the specialized size. In January, the brand launched a virtual experience called The Fitting Room that combines an online contest with 3D renderings. ThirdLove includes all kinds of sizes, selling bras in 80 different sizes from 2019. According to Heidi Zak, co-founder of ThirdLove, her client expects some adjustment accuracy and virtual services can help resolve that feeling.

“We created ThirdLove to provide a positive alternative to the traditional in-person bra shopping experience, in the hopes of eliminating the frustration that often comes with trying to find the right size,” Zak said.

The waist size of 35% of U.S. customers changed last year, according to Levi’s. This means that customers are likely to look for new clothes of new sizes that they are not used to buying.

Raghav Sharma, founder of virtual fit software company Perfitly, which drives Otero’s new site, said brands looking to capture some of the growing specialized and extensive markets should consider virtual fit.

“Brands that include more size are adopting technology wholeheartedly,” Sharma said. “Certainly, on the plus side, making the same piece of clothing in a larger size can make it look totally different. Being able to show buyers what a wide range of sizes looks like can help a lot [with buying decisions]”.

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