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Greece-based e-learning specialist SQLearn is developing the Brave Dolphin project, with the aim of creating the real VR training tool for maritime navigation.

SQLearn is particularly active in the shipping industry as a provider of e-learning solutions and services. The company has placed special emphasis on the shipping industry, recognizing the importance of proper staff training as a means to reduce risks in a sector known to be exposed to multiple hazards. With the goal of expanding its training services, SQLearn is implementing a virtual reality application as a training tool for crew members, in relation to emergencies that may occur on board.

Cases of maritime safety risks are difficult to simulate in a real environment. The Brave Dolphin VR app will include interactive scenarios and offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in a simulated world in which the user will be encouraged to interact and perform the necessary actions, offering an exciting and safe learning experience.

The Brave Dolphin VR training solution will primarily include real-time case simulations of crucial incidents. The scenarios selected to be simulated in a virtual reality environment were identified by expert maritime consultants, who have performed a risk analysis on the crucial incidents that occur on board.

The Brave Dolphin project will include four virtual reality training scenarios that will give crew members the opportunity to learn “How to test the emergency generator”, handle a “fire in the engine control room” and a “Closed space fire”, as well as becoming familiar with lifeboat drill procedure “.

Once the project is completed, Brave Dolphin will be enriched with more scenarios and added to the company’s service umbrella called “Dolphin Platforms”, designed and developed by SQLearn, especially for shipping companies. These services are certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) according to ABS standards for the certification of maritime education facilities and training courses.

The Brave Dolphin project is supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, under the Business Innovation Greece Program.

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