The virtual reality show puts Montrealers aboard the International Space Station

MONTREAL: When Amazon’s billionaire founder Jeff Bezos brought an all-civilian crew into space, it woke the inner astronaut into many dreamers.

Now, a Montreal team wants to make that dream come true.

A virtual reality, that is.

“Our goal is to provide space for the public,” said Felix Lajeunesse, creative director of Felix and Paul Studios, one of the teams behind THE INFINITE, a virtual reality experience that allows viewers to explore the International Space Station (ISS). .

The study worked with NASA to develop virtual reality cameras that could work in zero gravity.

In 2019, they sent the technology to the ISS, where Quebec-born astronaut David Saint-Jacques would operate, as well as other space workers.

“We would work in synergy with them from earth to space,” Lajeunesse said.

“Sometimes astronauts even took creative liberties,” he said, “such as filming plans on their own initiative.”

The result is a day in the life of an astronaut with all his pleasures and challenges.

While the details of the production are within reach, those who watched the show said it was out of this world.

“There’s a place where they play football,” an attendee told CTV News. “I dodged because I didn’t want to hit football. It was very, very interesting “

Some described it almost as a religious experience, adding that they may never see the world the same way.

We have a beautiful planet and we have to take care of it, honestly “, said another spectator.

“Space is the ultimate mystery, you know, it’s the search for our origins,” Lajeunesse said. “It’s about understanding our place in the universe.”

“Obviously, we will become an interplanetary species at some point in the future.”

Until then, he says the goal is to give non-billionaires a chance to see what’s out there.

You can catch THE INFINITE at the Arsenal de Saint-Henri Contemporary Art Center until November 7.

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