The virtual reality “suicide machine” provides users with morbid proof of their own death

An inventor nicknamed Dr. Death created a virtual “suicide machine” to allow the public to experience death before it occurs.

Dr. Philip Nitschke premiered his invention, Sarco, at the Amsterdam Funeral Home in 2018, and has since been shown elsewhere in Europe.

But now it’s open for the public to try.

The 3D-printed euthanasia capsule is designed to “produce a rapid decrease in oxygen level, while maintaining a low level of CO2 (the conditions for a peaceful, even euphoric death),” according to the site Sarco website.

The sleek design was intended to suggest a sense of occasion: travel to a ‘new destination’ and dispel any ‘yuk’ factor.

“Other design considerations were to devise a system that does not require specialized skills or involvement, or supply of hard-to-obtain drugs, [and] no medical involvement is required, for example. with the insertion of an intravenous cannula.

The public can practically experience their own death

“People with a significant disability (e.g., frailty or increasing paralysis from a disease such as MND / ALS) would also not be disadvantaged. Activation through eye movement or voice control is expected.”

Writing in the Huffington Post after the inauguration in 2018, Dr. Nitschke said, “A Sarco death is painless. There is no suffocation, suffocation, or ‘hunger for air,’ as the user breathes easily into an environment with little oxygen.

“The feeling is of well-being and intoxication.”

Design of
The ‘suicide machine’ was introduced in 2018

According to an Amsterdam press release, the purpose of the Sarco – which is the abbreviation for sarcophagus – is to get people to speak positively about death and with a broader consideration than to be afraid, frightened or scandalized. “.

While Sarco’s plans are to create a fully functioning euthanasia capsule, the one shown in Amsterdam was an “art installation” designed to give people a chance to see how an assisted death would work. by Sarco through virtual reality.

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However, Dr. Death is not the only inventor who makes euthanization an experience.

Lithuanian Julijonas Urbonas designed a roller coaster to painlessly kill his passengers in 2010.

His invention is described as a “hypothetical roller coaster-shaped death machine, designed for humanly – with elegance and euphoria – to take the life of a human being.”

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