There could be a reason to dust off your PSVR this September

Virtual reality headsets, while still operating largely outside the mainstream of gaming, have seen some notable innovations in recent years.

High-end devices, such as HTC’s $ 800 Vive Pro 2 and Valve’s $ 1,000 full kit index, have moved the quality of virtual reality into a more attractive space for curious potential enthusiasts. Cheaper cordless headphones, such as the Oculus Quest 2, on the other hand, have made serious progress in bringing virtual reality to the reluctant gaming masses.

Although Sony formally announced its PSVR 2 earlier this year, the upgraded device is still a long way off, and PS5 owners have been stuck using the original aged PSVR hardware of their current consoles. By the way, hardware that is not natively compatible with the PS5 and requires the use of a special camera adapter that you must request through the PlayStation website.

Of course, you cannot use the PS5 camera available for PSVR. It would be too easy.

Despite the ease of use that is constantly improving with technological innovations, convenience is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when discussing virtual reality headsets, especially the pioneers. I’d bet that’s probably the reason most gamers still don’t get virtual reality when they launch their favorite platform. That’s not to say the virtual reality market isn’t growing slowly, but it has a long way to go before it becomes a benchmark technology for a normal gamer.

That said, many PlayStation gamers, approximately 5 million as of January 2020, still have PSVR headphones, and that includes yours. That’s why I was struck by a new trailer, recently released at Gamescom 2021:

The terrible name Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA, developed by Boston-based ROTU Entertainment, looks incredibly promising. The fantastic music-based puzzle adventure features a creature design seriously out of this world reminiscent of Jim Henson’s 80s work in movies like Labyrinth i The dark crystal, or perhaps the equally classic The endless story.

At real value, the Pandora-like setting and story of the game looks very good Avatar (Fern Gully if you are as old as I am), as you are tasked with saving a moth called Harpa in a natural world that sinks under the pressure of evil forces. In addition to the intriguing animal life shown in the trailer, IONNIA it also features excellent atmospheric music, at least judging by what is reproduced in the preliminary images.

The game not only reaches PSVR, but also Oculus Quest 2, Vive Cosmos, Windows Mixed Reality and Valve’s Index. The PSVR will be the best way to play IONNIA? Probably not, as it is the oldest hardware in the group. But if you have one of the old Sony headphones that collects dust under your entertainment center, the strangely beautiful world of ROTU Entertainment could be a decent reason to reconnect all those cumbersome cables. Don’t expect impressive resolution and graphics on PSVR.

We’ll see how Rhythm of the Universe it is measured when it is published on September 23rd.

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