There is Talk of New Twisted Metal and WipEout Games for PS5

The rumor mill keeps fighting, and while we always suspect social media sources, we assume they sound sensible enough. The first is Tom Henderson, a DualShockers writer who has a prolific track record with leaks on the battlefield. He posted a cryptic image of Sweet Tooth alongside the 2023 title, presumably hinting at some kind of Twisted Metal rebirth.

Normally, we would ignore this, but we already know that Sony is working on a major TV show based on the vehicle combat franchise, and also wants to make more multiplayer games. We’ve always heard that the Japanese giant has missed a trick with this iconic series – imagine how good a Battle Royale-themed Twisted Metal would be, for example. Look at this space, we suppose.

There is also speculation about a new WipEout game. This comes courtesy of Xbox-era host Nick Bakar – Stay here – who claims to return the futuristic racing franchise, with the full support of the next generation of Sony PSVR earphones. He suspects that Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games is at the forefront, and after WipEout Omega Collection’s excellent virtual reality update has exceeded expectations, it certainly makes sense.

We are always skeptical of such stories, because it is very easy to imagine reasonable predictions like these and disguise them as rumors. However, the suggesters in this case have enough background to suggest that they are aware of the inside information, and we can certainly see Sony recovering these legendary series.

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