These ergonomic RA glasses are designed with a minimal interface to combine perfectly with your life.

A pair of smart AR Warp smart glasses created with the conscious intention of simplifying the user’s life without any ropes tied.

Apple’s ambitious AR glasses could hit us soon, Facebook has just launched its travel smart glasses and Xiaomi dropped a surprise bomb in the form of smart glasses that are making waves on the internet. Logical wisdom tells me that augmented reality and virtual reality glasses are the exciting future that everyone will follow and excel at. Like the tsunami of smartphones revolutionized the technology space. RA glasses are not everyone’s ball game in terms of design and function – they are hard to create for the commercial market.

While we hope that the imposing wave of RA glasses will change the skin of our everyday world, it is time for a concept that will bear fruit in the near future. The fantastic creation is designed by Fountain Studio, an excellent design studio to encourage us every time they make a great creation. Augmented reality glasses have an ergonomic design taking into account the desire for comfort, freedom and a non-intrusive wearer interface.

Unlike other AR smart glasses, the AR Warp is designed to be worn on the front when not in use. The adjustable legs can be rotated as needed, giving them ease of use for all situations. The glasses, therefore, sit at a slight distance from the face, without touching the bridge of the nose. Of course, they need to be lightweight so that the user can wear these glasses for longer, and that is what they really are.

The mixed reality HUD interface can broadcast information depending on the time of day and the user’s schedule. For example, in the morning, the glasses put weather alerts, text messages, important reminders, and all the little telemetry like the battery level. In the evening, when it’s time for physical activity, they send reminders of training schedules and the screen is partially full of illustrations that motivate the user to get off their ass. After that, the glasses could go into relaxing mode, playing relaxing music to calm the mind and body.

The AR function of the smart glasses is powered by the on-board camera and the UX is aided by speakers that combine visual stimuli with audio input. Like any other gadget, these smart AR glasses have their own storage box that charges them wirelessly. This is a well thought out concept that gives us an idea of ​​the things that will come with the exponentially growing popularity of AR glasses.

Designer: Fountain Studio

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