This is how the Hanstrop Center in Bottrop should be unique

Electronic mobility shows and virtual reality adventure areas will become attractions at the Bottrop Hansa Center. The operator plans it.

The new owner of the Hansa Center has unveiled other plans that will give the center unique outlets and attractions in the area after its revitalization. In addition to the well-known main tenants (hotel, cinema, cult brand, gastronomy), Fakt AG wants to set up offers and services for electronic mobility at the Hansa Center. In addition, new digital entertainment offers will be created, keyword: virtual reality (VR).

At a roundtable during the second open day at Berliner Platz, Marcus Masuth, project director and board member of Fakt Immobilien, kept a low profile when he reached the opening date, but took on the role. CEO Hubert Schulte-Kemper’s announcement last night: Come on! Fact has re-reviewed the plans and will quickly submit the revised construction order. It must be processed as quickly as the Lord Lord Bernd Tishler promised: “I will make sure you are at the top of the hill.” Approval will be “in a few weeks.”

The hotel and cinema are scheduled to open in the autumn of 2022

The 108-room Hilton family hotel will open in the fall of 2022. Then, filmmaker Andreas Hermann wants to start with its eight cinemas: “We are planning a modern version of the cinemas of the twenties.” He also wants to use the Hansa Center with cultural events. Operator Fakt also plans concerts, shows and exhibitions, also explicitly for Berliner Platz, which Fakt also wants to bring to life by offering al fresco dining.

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With two unique points of sale, the operator wants to develop the ideas of “Innovation City” and “Fun City”. On the other hand, Fakt wants to bring together electric mobility offers at the Hansa Center. Electronic bicycles, charging bicycles and electronic cars can not only be bought there, but can also be maintained. And charging: up to 50 charging points for electric cars will be established in an underground car park with a capacity of 280 spaces.

In addition, there will be new forms of entertainment with virtual reality (VR) elements at the Hansa Center, such as adventure areas for virtual reality games, 3D racing simulators and escape rooms, Masoth announced: “Until now, something like that is only available on Fürth Nationwide. “A huge 3D arcade game begins with nine escape rooms and adventure areas for multiplayer and simulators. A fantastic side effect for all visitors: at the Hansa Center there will, of course, be a very fast 5G cellular network, says Masoth, “We need it for virtual reality.”

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