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The Sam & Max franchise is full of classic and absurd crime-solving adventures, from the original 1987 comic book series to LucasArts and later the Telltale Games video game series. Now, Sam and Max are making the leap to a whole new medium: virtual reality.

Same & Max: This Time It’s Virtual is Sam & Max’s sixth video game, though its website claims to be the fourth, seventh, or twentieth. Happy Giant Games is acting as a developer this time around, and Freelance Police creator Steve Purcell is acting as a game design consultant. This comes after an 11-year lag between the original Sam & Max games (Sam & Max Save the World was remade in 2020), as the collapse of Telltale Games left the series in limbo. for a while.

The latest Sam & Max title follows our two titular heroes as they embark on a recruitment to face the ranks of the Autonomous Police and meet a very unlikely ally: You! You will perform various Sam & Max training tests to prove yourself as an extraordinary crime fighter, after all, it takes a lot to save the world and even discover the truth behind the training grounds …

Sam and Max: This time it's virtual

This is not the first Happy Giant Games rodeo with Sam & Max: a lot of team members took part in the production of the original DOS game Sam & Max in 1993, Sam & Max Hit The Road. Among those Sam & Max veterans is the writer of the new game, Mike Stemmle, who acted as co-writer and co-designer of Hit The Road. As such, This Time It’s Virtual is sure to retain the charm and humor that Sam & Max fans have adored from the series.

Sam & Max: This time it’s virtual and can be purchased at Oculus Quest, with a Steam VR version coming soon and a PlayStation VR version scheduled for 2022.


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