This time, the virtual VR game will launch in early July

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that lately we have a renaissance of Sam & Max, it’s good to see guys getting so much attention lately. After the revelation of the first Sam and Max virtual reality game at Gamescom 2020, we saw how the super characters returned with the remastered version of Sam & Max Save the World. Telltale’s narrative adventure game had been released about a decade earlier, so it was good to modernize it again. However, this still left the whereabouts of the virtual reality game. Well, last week the release date of Sam and Max: This time it’s virtual somehow slipped under our noses. The game will arrive on July 8, first in Oculus Quest and then in other storefronts.

Sam and Max: This time it’s virtual he sees the starting duo grab players on foot, literally. You play the game as a pair of floating helping hands, starting at the back of Sam’s cruise. Together with the autonomous police, help solve their ultimate mystery, revolving around an incomplete thematic part directed by Cap’n Aquabear. Of course, you’ll also be the butt of the duo’s jokes.

“Immerse yourself first in the funky world of virtual reality as Sam & Max immerse you in their biggest gaientlet of training courses designed to test your heart and break your brain … and beware the hidden threat that lurks in training camps that can spell spell for all, ”reads the game’s description.

Sam & Max This time is the launch screen of the VR virtual game release date

Solving mysteries and messes

Sam and Max: This time it’s virtual comes out first in the Oculus Quest. However, it will not stay true to the device. The game is expected to end up becoming Steam VR and Viveport Infinity in no time. According to publisher Big Sugar and developer HappyGiant, it will be priced at $ 29.99. The game’s Oculus website contained some additional information. Sam & Max VR will have a comfortable capacity of 1.28 GB. And speaking of sitting, you can rest on the duff while playing the game, as it supports sitting, standing and room scale modes.

Sam and Max: This time it’s virtual will be available on Oculus Quest with a release date of July 8th.

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