This very cool digital art theater has a new Van Gogh exhibition

The Theater of Digital Art Dubai (ToDA) is always a must, but this summer you will have a whole new experience for your time.

The immersive digital art show “Being Van Gogh” is a non-traditional gallery that is very unique as you can experience the amazing life of one of the world’s most acclaimed painters.

ToDA combines three different types of digital art. During multimedia exhibitions, installations, virtual reality art and summer, the Digital Art Theater will host “Being Van Gogh” along with many other shows, including the first full-length play “Two”. Come in July of this year.

Learn about the wonderful life of one of the world’s most renowned painters in galleries and elsewhere at ToDA this summer.

This is a great experience to entertain yourself indoors during the summer.

You can also see aspects of his life and how this influenced his art.

Van Gogh, famous for having his earlobe cut off, suffered from depression. In less than ten years he painted about 900 paintings, but only sold one in his lifetime. He died in 1890 at the age of only 37, and 11 years later, thanks to the work of his sister-in-law, his work was recognized.

Explore Van Gogh’s life in a whole new way at the “Being Van Gogh” Digital Art Theater

Adults must recover the value of their tickets on their bills at all participating Souk Madina restaurants

Includes fabulous places like Trattoria, Perry & Blackwelders, Noodle House, Anner, Belgian Beer Cafe, Ushna, Public … Data Night Alert!

* 75 AED discount on the total invoice for the minimum cost of 150 AED per person.

Not only that … ToDA will present its first feature film in July this year.

The acclaimed British play “Two” is a great drama fully supported by epic digital content like never before.

International theater director Vicky Galloway Place offers a unique theatrical experience in which two talented actors play 14 different characters during the performance. A brief insight into the secrets and lives of these characters is not only captivated by their excellent performance, but is also offered to the audience surrounded by 360-degree projections as part of the set design.

Wait for tears! It’s a moving vehicle with a laugh along the way. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this stage show!

When? It runs until September 2021

How much? 50 AED (normal children’s ticket), 100 AED (normal adult ticket), 75 AED (children’s ticket per balcony) AED150 (adult ticket for balcony)

* Balcony tickets include virtual reality room experience and drinks.

This very cool digital art theater has a new Van Gogh exhibition

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