This virtual reality book will take you on a dream vacation

Go on a dream vacation with this virtual reality book

Kiss & Fly is a new RA book that combines print media with digital technology for a virtual vacation

“Home” remains the main destination for many holidaymakers this summer. While this may not be the perfect place to vacation, a new virtual reality book offers a new way to break the days spent sunbathing in the garden or taking a Margarita from a children’s pool.

Kiss & Fly offers virtual holidays in nine different locations: France, Brazil, Iceland, Mexico, Italy, Jordan, Greece, India and Israel. The images are the work of the sister photography duo Lauren and Annael Tolila, known professionally as Via Tolila, and are pure escapism: images of sapphire blue water, sunrises resting on rocky cliffs, colorful cocktails served in the huts from the beach.

Kiss & Fly claims to be the world’s first augmented reality tabletop book, with bright images that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet, directing users to various online experiences.

It is the first title produced by Studio 96, a new publisher in New York City that aims to turn “experiential impression” into a new standard. This means books with moving images, hyperlinks to interactive forums or social media channels, codes to download selected playlists for your reading experience, and even links to tickets for exclusive in-person and online events.

These are a type of well-known images that are not revolutionary in themselves, but that are attractive thanks to your ability to slide the phone over and see it move: the swimsuit goes from resting to jumping off the rock -dried, the cocktail is stirred with a straw. .

It provides an entertaining reading experience, and perhaps even provides a clue as to what’s to come for print media, with physical publications using digital technology to create a cross-platform reading experience. §

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