This week online: Acquisitions of Tribeca 2021 and VR | by Ngozi Nwadiogbu | June 2021

From Kusunda, a group of people gathered around a fire.
De Kusunda.

These last two weeks, the Internet celebrated the 2021 edition of the Tribeca Film Festival. Tribeca’s Immersive programming was a hot topic of debate, where the audience reflected on their experiences of virtual and augmented reality projects.

Congratulations to Kusunda, winner of the Grand Storyscapes Grand Jury Prize for Best Immersive Virtual Reality Story, The Changing Same: Episode 1, winner of the Best Immersive Narrative Award, and Current, winner of the Immersive Tribeca X Award and Best Creative Fiction Competition.

What did you like about this year’s festival?

In other news, Facebook and Oculus announced last week that they had acquired BigBoxVR, producer of the games POPULATION: ONE and Smashbox Arena. Many online users were excited, while others expressed anxiety about the potential of a growing Facebook monopoly in the virtual reality market.

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