This week online: harassment in VR / games and blurry UX | by Ngozi Nwadiogbu | July 2021

This week there is a lot of news in emerging and immersive media.

First, a major acquisition of EPIC Games, which announced that Sketchfab would join its ranks last week. The companies expressed their desire to make VR, AR and 3D content more accessible, a goal achieved in part by their new ability to make Sketchfab Plus completely free. However, the measure, as has been usual in smaller organizations that adhere to larger industry players, has some worries.

Virtual and augmented reality are increasingly a part of our daily lives. Ryan Eagle highlights one aspect of this: AR / VR preview purchases. This already exists in some formats; What have you tried with augmented reality before you bought it?

Below is a motivating warning about the obstacles that AR / VR faces and what particularly prevents new audiences from participating in these platforms. Fragmentation of other ecosystems was often mentioned in responses, along with the need for better software.

What do you think is holding back these media?

In other news, Twitter user Nik ∞ raises awareness about harassment in virtual spaces, an important topic we’ve covered before in Immerse.

The use of an avatar does not automatically protect against prejudice, aggression and other types of damage. This conversation is especially pertinent in light of the recent harassment lawsuit against the Activision Blizzard video game and the subsequent exit of employees calling for better conditions for women, especially women of color and transgender, non-binary people and other groups. marginalized.

How can we work to make these spaces, both virtual and IRL / AFK, more secure and inclusive?

Finally, another popular post this week, featuring developers working to create engaging RV experiences:

Check out the answers, let us know what you end up playing and how your interactions with other users have been on these platforms.

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