This week online: virtual reality ads and reflections on the metaverse | by Ngozi Nwadiogbu | June 2021

Is the metavers here?

XR Safety Initiative CEO Kavya Pearlman took to Twitter to get answers to that question and see if people could guess it. Responses included a more precise definition of the term, suggestions we already interact within the metaverse, but it doesn’t seem like Hollywood told us, and claims that the verse can’t come without true interoperability.

What do you think? See the answers for more ideas.

Another highlight of this week’s discussion was driven by emerging thinker Samantha Wolfe. Virtual reality advertising has been a topic of debate for a long time: is there any way to do it without sacrificing immersion? Can the medium find other ways to monetize? What should RV maintain and what should other media such as television and magazines rule out?

Can you think of any memorable ads (good or bad) you’ve seen in immersive media? Let us know in the comments.

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