To be better, together, Sandeep Bangia writes in BrandSutra


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are an opportunity for Japan’s technological prowess, especially for 5G technology that has come of age. Intel wants to implement “new mobility” solutions, immersive media experiences based on virtual reality, cutting-edge smart city applications and advanced broadcast services ”for the event.

With partners like NEC, Panasonic, NTT, Toyota playing on their turf, you can expect large-scale deployment of innovative innovations based on artificial intelligence (AI), e-sports, driverless cars, facial recognition, robotics, etc. In 1964, they introduced the world to the “Shinkansen – Bullet Train”. What will it be this time?

Tokyo 2020 will mark a tectonic shift in sustainability and climate change initiatives. The medals have been made from recycled mobile phones and appliances. The victory podium is made of recycled material, courtesy of a massive P&G project.

Land transport will be done on trains with electric or hydrogen fuel cells, the energy supply for the sites will be green, the Olympic Village Square will be built with wood from local governments which will be returned for community use and many other such initiatives. The guiding principle is “To be better together: for the planet and the people.” Therefore, the organizers try to issue zero net.

Finally, the Olympics are the athletes and the sporting spirit.Faster stronger (Faster, taller, stronger). Despite the stress related to COVID, they will be eager to perform in Tokyo. Most of them would have trained all their lives for a moment of glory. Athletes would be relieved that the Games ended up happening. And we, as sports lovers, can look forward to a sports fantasy, inspiring athlete stories, a look at Tokyo and the Japanese way of things and the grand opening and closing ceremonies.

(The author is a senior professional in the business sector and writes on a variety of topics that he enjoys. The opinions expressed here are his own).

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