Top 10 Hidden Secrets of the Odyssey of the Seas

If you have a Royal Caribbean Sea Odyssey cruise book, I have ten lesser known tips and tricks to share with you about this amazing ship.

Odyssey of the Seas is a Quantum Ultra class ship, and Royal Caribbean has filled it with so many things to see and do, and among other things there is some good news that can improve your cruise or give you a head start. about what you can expect.

All cruises have their own style and you can usually find something unique or hard to find on board that most other guests overlook.

After touring the ship, I share my 10 hidden secrets from the Odyssey of the Seas so you can get to know them before you go sailing.

10. solarium bridge wings

If you want to get the best point of view for taking a selfie, check out the bridge wings at the front of the boat.

On either side of the solarium there are observation areas where you can walk and enjoy views of the ocean and the side of the boat.

To reach the areas of view of the wings, go to the solarium and continue all the way forward.

9. Zero zone

Zone Zero is less of a secret as much as an easily ignored experience on board.

Odyssey of the Seas has the SkyPad virtual reality trampoline experience, but there is another virtual reality game you can play on board in the SeaPlex.

Zone Zero is a free virtual reality experience for up to 4 guests at a time and is only available on Odyssey of the Seas.

8. Less crowded restaurant: Solarium Bistro

If you want to eat something different and avoid crowds, check out the Solarium Bistro.

Located on the solarium (although the entrance is close to the stairwell), Solarium Bistro is a free restaurant that most guests have no idea about.

Regardless of the food you want to enjoy, you will hardly find crowds there.

Also, the Solarium Bistro is a help for vegetarians or anyone who wants to eat a little healthier. There is a large salad bar and a good mix of Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

And yes, kids can dine at the Solarium Bistro while still being at the Solarium.

7. Entrance to the secret solarium

On deck 13, you’ll find a door leading to the solarium without having to go up to the pool deck first.

On deck 13 forward, if you walk all the way forward past all the cabins, there is a door leading to the lower level of the solarium.

This is especially useful if you book a cabin on deck 13 so you can get in and out of the solarium quickly.

6. Skypad glass walkway

If you like glass floors, you’ll find a large one on the side of the SkyPad.

Guests can stroll across the SkyPad to see the ocean and the people below jumping on the trampolines. Half of this tram is made of glass, offering a direct view of the ocean.

5. Visible floor

There is yet another glass floor between deck 13 and 14 in the stern box.

Royal Caribbean added this transparent floor for one of the steps, which allows guests to contemplate more than 10 terraces on the Royal Esplanade.

Be sure to bring your camera, especially when children see it for the first time.

4. Comfortable outdoor chairs

On sea days, the pool deck is a beacon for many passengers, but if you want to enjoy some super comfortable chairs in the breeze, head to the SeaPlex.

There are sun loungers, padded chairs and sofas right in front of the SeaPlex. Many of them are also in the shade, which makes it a little more comfortable.

You can find these seats walking to the back of the boat on the top deck of the pool or find the doors leading to the outside from the lower level of the SeaPlex.

3. Thermal spa step

The Vitality Spa on Odyssey of the Seas has a special pass that you can purchase to provide you with unlimited access to the thermal suite.

The thermal suite consists of four areas that you can enjoy throughout the cruise:

  • Heated stone chairs
  • Bathroom with shower in the rainforest
  • Caldarium Chamber
  • Laconi dry heat chamber

The cost of an unlimited pass is $ 99 per person.

2. The pub has food

While there is an English-style pub on almost every Royal Caribbean ship, most do not have food that can be ordered, but there are dining options at Odyssey of the Seas.

At the Crown & Compass pub you will find a selection of snacks including fried pickles, soft pretzels, poutine, burgers and even fried apple pie.

After a few drinks, you can order food to enjoy without having to leave your favorite table.

1. The Giovanni wine bar also has a gastronomic menu

Royal Caribbean decided to replace Vintages with a new wine bar concept coupled with Giovanni’s Italian cuisine, which includes its own menu.

In addition to Giovanni’s Kitchen’s standard menu, you can stop at the wine bar for various dishes, antipasta and more.

The menu includes a variety of meat and cheese dishes, fried lasagna bites, stromboli and pizza.

The wine bar can be a great alternative if you can’t get a reservation at the main restaurant.

Was he missing any secrets from the Odyssey of the Seas? Share them in our comments.

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