Top 10 Oculus Search Games The first players you should try first

With a growing user base and a relatively affordable price, virtual reality games in Oculus Quest 2 are on the rise. However, as with anything new, it can be difficult for new adopters to know where to start. Although they like the best-selling titles on the platform Very hot VR i Population: UN they are immersive and exciting, jumping into the deep depths of virtual reality can be a recipe for headaches and confusion.

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Whether they introduce new wild worlds to explore or allow players to drift into relaxing virtual experiences, the best introductory games in Oculus Quest 2 allow players to experience a wide variety of genres, from competitive sports to space shooters. which effectively showcase the stunning graphics of the VR system. so immersive. While difficulty levels can vary, all of these games promise to provide a rewarding and entertaining time for novice gamers.

10 Beat Saber

Although Beat Game Beat Saber released in May 2019, it is still one of the most popular and commercially successful virtual reality games offered by Oculus Store. In Beat Saber, players hold bright swords resembling lightsabers and strike boxes in a marked direction as they advance to the beat of the chosen song. While the highest difficulties are intense training for both the body and the brain, the game that is played in its simplest setup comes close to a perfect virtual reality introduction experience.

9 Eleven Table Tennis

Eleven Table Tennis Game Title Card

While many virtual reality games on the Quest are great for transporting players to fantastic new worlds, others, such as For Fun Labs Eleven table tennis, they are notable for their ability to meticulously recreate real life. With incredibly realistic ball and paddle physics, experienced players can enjoy the practice of rotation and placement, while newcomers will have the most fun with a few casual flicks. With pick-up matches against scalable AI opponents, public and private player lobbies against players, and fun mini-games like cup pong, there’s plenty of content in Eleven Table Tennis to keep the layers busy for months.

8 Space pirate trainer

A robot as seen in the video game Space Trainer Pirate

Space pirate trainer he doesn’t try to do too many different things, but what he does he does very well. The concept of the game is simple: players stand on a platform on the edge of a space station and use their arsenal of offensive and defensive weapons to protect themselves and destroy endless waves of flying drones.

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While the leaderboards offer veteran players something to point out, the game works very well as an introduction to virtual reality. The various weapons require skill to use them and players must move within a small area to avoid laser fire, but without complex rules, new players should be able to quickly find their space legs and have a good time.

7 Tilting brush

An image of the video game Tilt Brush

From Google Tilting brush it may no longer receive official updates or support, but the open source three-dimensional art app is still one of the best introductions to virtual reality available to Oculus Quest gamers. Like most of the best VR experiences for beginners, Tilting brush it’s easy to pick up and enjoy, while also offering incredible depth for users learning the ins and outs of the program.

Placing players in an empty virtual space, Tilting brush allows players to draw and animate in three dimensions. The ability to scale creations from the palm of your hand to the grand scale makes it incredibly satisfying to create immersive, extensive works that are as much fun to show as they are to do.

6 Tetris effects


Many people have played a game of Tetrisand, in terms of gameplay, Tetris effects it doesn’t take long to shake up the formula. While this may seem like a less-than-exciting option for gamers who want to experience something new, there are few games with graphic and sound presentations as impressive and immersive as Tetris effects. With game rules that are familiar to most, this game works well as a perfect introduction to virtual reality, and there are many challenges to match them. Tetris veterans.

5 moss

The mouse character in the video game Moss

At first sight, moss It may not look very different from a traditional flat screen platformer, but this game cleverly uses the virtual reality platform for both amazing immersion and a smart game that would not be possible otherwise. . In moss, players see the journey of the adventurous mouse pen from a top-down perspective as if they were sitting in the middle of each environment.

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moss It’s great for beginners new, as it can be played primarily from a stationary sitting position, but the way it requires players to look around to follow your character and discover environmental information makes it a great way to jump into virtual reality in the Oculus Quest.

4 Google Earth VR

The Google Earth VR title card

Google Earth has made other applications possible, however Google Earth VR it is one of the most immersive. The game literally puts the world in the hands of users, letting them manipulate the world to see top-down representations from almost anywhere or go down to street level in an immersive street view. Environments outside of heavily populated or visited places may not be as visually stunning as those found in other virtual reality games, but the ability to go anywhere in the world is an incredibly empowering introduction to how reality can be. immersive virtual.

3 He seems immortal

Vader Immortal trailer

With its immersive environments, canon Star Wars narrative and varied game, He seems immortal is a fantastic first experience for novice VR gamers and one of the best Star Wars experiences in any medium. Taking place between A new hope i The Empire Strikes Back, the narrative campaign works more like an interactive movie than a game that can be won or lost, which may be good for newer Oculus Quest players who are still trying to feel comfortable with their system.

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The story is divided into three buyable chapters, which combine to last a few hours, but the game’s dojo mode adds longevity to the experience by challenging players to defeat waves of enemies with a lightsaber and forcing powers. in a given period of time.

2 Phantom: Covert Ops

Phantom Covert Ops game title letter

This military shooter can be a little more demanding for players ’stomachs than other VR games for beginners Phantom: Covert Ops it still takes a long time to be more accessible than other games of its kind. While the game’s general setup to put players in the shoes of a specialized military agent may not be particularly unique, what makes this game stand out is that the engaging campaign keeps the player seated inside a tactical kayak. . While it may seem a little strange, this locomotion limitation works in favor of newer players who may not yet be ready for a potentially nauseating-inducing total direction move.

1 Walkabout Mini Golf

The title card of the Walkabout Mini Golf game

Any good minigolf course leans at least a little on the crazy side and Walkabout Mini Golf perfectly combines solid controls and ball physics with themed routes full of jumps and turns. There are four different routes made up of 18 holes, each unique and pleasing to the eye.

There are also reasons to explore these colorful, low-poly venues, with several hidden balls scattered throughout the game so players can chase them. With simple controls and rules that most are familiar with, Walkabout Mini Golf is a great, low – tension way for novice gamers to try out Oculus Quest 2.

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