Tourism Whitsundays launches a tour of virtual reality

Tourism Whitsundays had launched a virtual reality site for The Whitsundays.

Tourism Whitsundays is pleased to launch the new virtual reality site inspection events and destination marketing videos that will be a must-have tool for distribution on The Whitsundays ’website and social media platforms, the heart of the great coral barrier.

Thanks to funding received from Business Events Australia, Tourism Whitsundays partnered with tour operators to develop the virtual reality tour. The headphones will allow users to immerse themselves in The Whitsundays and experience all that our diverse region has to offer while “Siri” guides users through the journey.

Following a national tender, Riptide Creative was appointed to complete the project and worked with operators to create professional and inspiring content to capture all that The Whitsundays can offer potential business events.

Tourism Whitsundays CEO Tash Wheeler said virtual reality headsets at business events are a great way to show the heart of the Great Barrier in an interactive and fun way.

“Business event headphones have been created to highlight the diversity of the Whitsundays region and generate opportunities for business events in the domestic market.

“Virtual reality headsets are a transport device in the stunning Whitsundays region, and with Karen Jacobsen, our destination ambassador and the original voice of Siri Australia, guiding you through Airlie Beach, Daydream Island Resort, experience of Reefsuites with Cruise Whitsundays and many other destinations. Whitsundays really has a place for your next business event, ”Ms. Wheeler said.

Virtual reality headsets include a six-minute site inspection that will be a beneficial tool to promote the region to the domestic market and encourage companies to keep The Whitsundays at the forefront when planning their next business event.

“While it remains a challenging time for the business events industry, we are pleased to be able to support Tourism Whitsundays’ efforts to encourage a face-to-face resumption of business events through these innovative assets developed through the our Business Events Program, ”said Robin Mack, CEO of Commercial & Business Events Australia, Tourism Australia.

In addition to the current six-minute regional description, key operators, Hamilton Island, InterContinental Hayman Island Resort, Daydream Island Resort and Cruise Whitsundays will feature dedicated chapters with more details available over time. These additional chapters will provide potential customers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the venues before taking the next step in booking their business events at The Whitsundays.

Virtual reality headset applications will be sent to more than 10,000 business events and strong business databases. If you want virtual reality headphones, sign up here and do it quickly, as limited headphones are available.

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