Transformation of the sports industry through the use of the 5G network

of Disha Sinha
August 9, 2021

The sports industry is thriving with better athlete performance, greater involvement of fans and actionable sports statistics by leveraging major disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, Big Data and many more. month. The emergence of IoT devices, including portable devices, smart machines, smart clothing, and many others, have helped the sports industry experience a drastic shift toward digital transformation. IoT devices have elevated the e-sports industry and the online gaming industry. It is a massive hit for the sports industry, especially in the coronavirus pandemic. This digital transformation has helped athletes keep fit under the strict control of their respective coaches from a distance across the country or the world.

The emergence of the 5G network is expected to reach the world soon via IoT devices and 5G phones. The sports industry is destined to leverage the 5G network through smart devices to increase athletes ’performance efficiently and effectively. This will help countries win more medals through sports at major sporting events such as the Olympics, Asian tournaments and many more. U.S. sports authorities have already integrated 5G into several sports venues to enhance the experiences of stadium fans, especially to maintain strict protocols in the pandemic.

The sports industry is experiencing an increase in the number of fans of popular clubs and teams around the world. One target group — young people — focuses on e-sports using mobile phones, tablets, PlayStations, and laptops. The full introduction of the 5G wireless network will transform the sports industry with its maximum speed, immersive experience and reliability with advanced cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality, especially in e-sports. The implementation of 5G networks in IoT devices can revolutionize sports authorities through new rules and regulations, new revenue opportunities, performance improvement, coaching momentum, and new pay methods.

Payment of athletes ’salaries through cryptocurrencies has already begun in some clubs to deal with millions of dollars. The 5G network will make the transaction smoother without any transaction fees and the intervention of third party partnerships. The 5G network of the sports industry will provide real-time statistics related to medical health, fitness, speed, goals, crossings and many more detailed details directly to the profiles of fans, coaches, sports authorities and players. . The most amazing dream of death fans is to celebrate goals and achievements with favorite players. The 5G network in sports can make this possible by turning smart devices into a happy box with unique experiences and games.

Nou Camp, Barcelona’s iconic football stadium, has begun experimenting with a 5G network with several 360-degree wireless cameras to offer immersive life experiences to basic fans via VR headsets.

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