UgoVirtual premieres augmented reality elements in 3D to enhance the event experience

UgoVirtual, a virtual and hybrid event engagement company that manufactures modular software for digital platforms, has released Ugo3D and AR Elements to allow its customers to add depth and dimension to both virtual and physical events, said Michael C. Cohen, director general of UgoVirtual, in a press release of the company. .

“The future of the event industry is to merge virtual and live events into a unified global experience for all attendees, so that they can connect and interact with each other and also with the content of the event, l ‘exhibitor and sponsor before, during and after the event.’ He said. “We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this transition to the industry and look forward to deploying these new advances to ensure better engagement and return on investment for our customers in the coming events.”

The Ugo3D and AR Elements offer includes four types of activations: 3D objects, digital swag, virtual portals and holograms. The four activation modes can be used in various applications to attract attendees, according to the statement.

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