Universal has just opened one of the largest roller coasters in the world. Now what?

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  • Image via NBCUniversal

  • The Epic Universe area was believed to be about How to Train Your Dragon

Universal proved they were still moving forward despite the pandemic when Islands of Adventure welcomed VelociCoaster to its lineup earlier this season. The high-speed and thrill roller coaster has quickly become a must-see for many roller coaster enthusiasts.

VelociCoaster and Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure combine to make Universal Orlando a major destination for thrill seekers. With these two long-awaited trips, it is no longer clear what Universal has planned for the Orlando complex.

The leadership of parent company Comcast has stood firm in its commitment to add new attractions to each Universal park each year. The company has also indicated that it will continue to invest in the two existing theme parks in Florida while building Epic Universe.

This park is expected to open by 2025. It will include a mix of exciting attractions and family attractions, which will take advantage of the latest amusement technology. But while these massive new attractions are being built in the Epic Universe, things on the North Campus should start to increase in the coming months.

Alicia Stella de Stop Orlando Park a name has been made with original reports on numerous projects at Universal Orlando that have proven to be accurate. With an almost perfect record, Stella once again uses her glass ball to predict what will be next for the thirty-one-year-old resort.

In a powerful interview with Orlando Weekly, Stella exposed numerous rumors that he has been following. Despite leadership comments indicating that there will be new investment in all parks, Stella is not convinced we will see any significant additions to Islands of Adventure before the opening of Epic. Instead, it points to currently closed attractions, such as Poseidon’s Fury, as one that may help keep the crowds going for years to come.

Stella believes the main focus of investment over the next few years will be at Universal Studios Florida. That park hosted an impressive new trick show last year. However, many previous attractions before the trick program opened up to mixed reviews, with a high profile At full throttle– The thematic attraction is almost universal.

Instead of introducing more intellectual property into the park, Stella believes we will see an increase in Minions or the world of magicians.

A sequel to the film derived from ‘Minions’, called The rise of Crane, comes out next year. So a new attraction that joins the first Minions film and setting within the Villain-Con convention, where Gru meets the Minions for the first time, would be a good move for synergy, “they said.” And Universal has had nothing but success with all the additions to Wizarding World, plus Diagon Alley has far fewer attractions than Hogsmeade. , making him a good candidate for a new journey. ”

The Villain-Con attraction, which is believed to replace the Shrek 4D attraction, has been rumored at least since 2018, but Stella believes the trackless touring system has now been removed from the concept.

Now it seems that all the rumors related to technology without routes seem to have stopped. Universal faced a steep learning curve with the massive roadless vehicles used at the Skull Island attraction in Islands of Adventure. Stella points to a confluence of personal struggles with technology and its high-profile uses by competitors as a possible reason why Universal seems to have stepped back from technology at the moment.

Universal can, instead, continue to venture into augmented and virtual reality within high-capacity attractions. For example, Universal Studios Japan made history this spring when it opened the Mario Kart-themed dark ride, the first major permanent theme park to use augmented reality based on users. This attraction is also currently under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood and will be included in the epic Orlando universe.

It was rumored that Epic Universe included a virtual reality attraction that allowed guests to do a broom ride simulation. However, this trip can now be moved to Universal Studios Florida.

“Rumors about a broom-flying virtual reality would fly similar to The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride at China’s Lionsgate Entertainment World, which won the THEA Award for Outstanding Attraction in If it were true, this could end up being the most capable RV attraction in the world, “says Stella. “The world of magicians has been no stranger to breaking the theme park’s attraction barriers when it comes to new technologies, and that may not be an exception.”

At Universal Studios Florida, the broomstick attraction would replace the Fear factor stage attached to Diagon Alley. Within Diagon Alley, a currently closed door is believed to connect to this potential expansion plot. It’s unclear why the resort’s leadership has chosen to speed up this attraction, moving it to Universal Studios instead of waiting for it to premiere at Epic Universe.

Plans for a Lionsgate park similar to China’s were leaked last year. These plans show a multi-storey indoor theme park a few blocks from the Epic Universe. It is believed to include many of the same attractions as the Chinese park, including the award-winning one Twilight Virtual reality experience.
In a bit of irony, it was thought that the original plans for the Diagon Alley expansion area were the Ministry of Magic, but now these plans are expected to be part of Epic Universe.

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The Epic Universe Hotel can be seen on the left side of the image and the Wizarding World themed land entrance area on the right side.  - IMAGE VIA NBCUNIVERSAL

  • Image via NBCUniversal

  • The Epic Universe Hotel can be seen on the left side of the image and the Wizarding World themed land entrance area on the right side.

Surprisingly, the world of wizards has not yet been confirmed for Epic Universe. Stella warns us not to read too much.

“I don’t think the company is better served by announcing a new Wizarding World land in a virtual industry call with investors. That’s the kind of ad you generate, with all the pomp and circumstance, “they said.” I’m sure it was no coincidence that the properties in question were owned by Comcast, Universal’s parent company. ”

Confirmed properties for Epic Universe include DreamWorks, which is believed to be one How to train your dragon floor, and Lighting. Previously there were no indications that the lighting would be presented in the new park. “I’m not sure anyone knew what Jeff Shell, CEO of Comcast, meant when he said Illumination would come to Epic Universe,” Stella explained. “My first instinct was that we could possibly see a new mini-land added to the plans with attraction clones like The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash, SING On Tour from Universal Studios Japan and maybe even the Beijing version of MinionsSuper Silly Fun Land theme. But, again, here was my mind.

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The Epic Universe area was thought to have as its theme How to train your dragon: IMAGE VIA NBCUNIVERSAL

  • Image via NBCUniversal

  • The Epic Universe area was believed to be about How to Train Your Dragon

Stella also believes that we may see more DreamWorks within the two existing theme parks, although there are few rumors pointing in that direction.

“We’ve seen what seems to be based on the terrain of How to Train Your Dragon for Epic Universe, but this is just a very comprehensive catalog of properties under the DreamWorks umbrella. DreamWorks Destination at KidsZone may be just the beginning to get more brand representation within existing parks, ”they said.

Trolls, Kung Fu Panda, i Madagascar all the attractions have been rumored. There were also talks about a DreamWorks stage show at the former Blue Man Group venue.

This may include copies of existing DreamWorks attractions, such as Kung Fu Panda rides to Universal Studios Beijing. This park is expected to open later this year.

As usual, Universal is likely to be waiting for more Disney announcements about its upcoming birthday celebration to post details about its future attractions. Disney is expected to release this information some summer or early fall.

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