“Unplugged” features VR technology that allows the pneumatic guitar without gloves or special controllers

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“Unplugged” is already here. On the other hand, the studio behind the upcoming virtual reality aerial guitar game “Unplugged” gave an update to the Upload VR Showcase on June 12th.

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“Unplugged” uses manual tracking technology to allow users to play the guitar in VR without special gloves or controllers. Users can see where to step by following a series of “Guitar Hero” -type notes that spin in their direction and earn points for nailing their chords and virtual strings.

The whole premise is awesome. On June 12, the trailer was withdrawn. The developer Anotherway announced that “The Offspring” will be part of the official soundtrack of “Unplugged” and mocked that they will have soundtracks that they have always loved.

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The virtual reality game will also include minigames, power-ups and crowd interaction. “Unplugged” will be available for Oculus Quest and Stream VR headphones. Manual tracking features will be available, according to The Verge.

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In 2020, Anotherway was a recently conducted virtual reality or VR study. The study revealed the first details of an Oculus Quest project called “Unplugged: Air Guitar.”

Meanwhile, Vertigo Games announced that it will be the one who will publish the title to use the manual tracking functions of the standalone headset.

Rhythmic action video games like “Rock Band VR” have relied on guitar controllers to emulate the rock star’s style without having to spend years of practice learning the instrument.

“Unplugged” tries to take advantage of the idea of ​​players sitting at home and performing their favorite songs using the classic air guitar, according to UploadVR.

Anotherway released a couple of teaser videos last year with Searching for the Truth by The Electric Alley and Roadie by Tenacious D.

The game looks promising, from the selection of notes to the overall graphics. That’s why Vertigo Games entered into editorial collaboration with Anotherway, according to VRFocus.

Kimara Rouwit, director of marketing for Vertigo Games, said in a statement that, like many VR communities, from players to creators, they were impressed by the tempting atmosphere of live concerts, the artistic style of the musical fanzine of 80s and the innovative air guitar game shows in the first Unplugged game teasers that circulated online earlier this year.

Rouwit added that they are delighted to officially bring them aboard the Anotherway studio and are fully geared to help them realize their unrevealed ambitions of Unplugged, which will see them elevate their game concept in many ways.

Julia Casal, the producer of Anotherway, said Unplugged started as a passion project that caught the attention of many RV content and media creators, and they soon realized that the project had a lot of potential and needed a partner to help them carry the idea. in life.

Casal added that by partnering with Vertigo Games, they can expand the project and pursue their goals. Unplugged will be released in the third quarter of 2021 and fans will be able to expect more videos posted in the coming weeks.

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