Utah Jazz jumps into the world of NFT with a virtual dressing room unique in its class

Have you ever wanted to see what it’s like inside an NBA locker room? Have you ever wanted to talk freely with a Jazz icon and ask them questions?

These opportunities are now possible thanks to Utah and its innovative Jazz NFT program.

Announced on Thursday, September 2, Utah will be the first professional sports program in the world to pair a digital design non-fungible witness (NFT) with premiere access to a virtual locker room. It also includes a unique life experience that will give the owner the opportunity to interact with Jazz legends.

“I’m thrilled to be able to deliver such a unique and innovative experience for the Utah Jazz fan base and beyond,” said Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith. “This NFT program is our opportunity to show the world that technology is thriving in our state, and we aim to be at the forefront of innovation as we move forward.”

Before you dive into the experience, many people may be wondering what NFTs are.

In Layman’s terms, an NFT is best described as a digital resource that is used to determine the ownership of unique elements, such as art, music, and videos.

Those who purchase NFT level 1 will have the opportunity to tour virtually a direct representation of the Jazz costume as they will be mailed an Oculus virtual headset. Once the tour is over, Smith will receive them, followed by a 30-minute question and answer session.

For those looking for a slightly less expensive option, level 2 is available. It has all the advantages of level 1, except that it will not include Oculus virtual headphones.

According to Riley Demps, NFT Jazz project manager for Utah Jazz, this will not be a unique opportunity. Jazz’s plan on selling several NFTs throughout the year, each ideally with a different Jazz icon represented whether it was a player, coach, owner, partial owner or former player.

“When I was hired in April, Ryan Smith asked me to push the boundaries of technology to create something special in the NFT and Cryptocurrency space – in total, we achieved that goal with JAZZXR,” Demps said. “We have created an experience to connect with our fans in a new and innovative way. We’ve allowed people entering and leaving the Utah market to feel part of a team in the most intimate and realistic way possible. I am very excited about this opportunity to show people around the world not only what it means to be a Jazz fan, but to be part of the Jazz family ”.

Krista Kim, a contemporary artist and founder of the Techism movement since 2014, helped Smith and Demps overcome these technological limitations. digital home that is sold on the NFT platform.

Combining Demps and Kim’s brain with virtual reality artist Michael Potts, Utah can now give fans anywhere in the world a personal, intimate look at the organization. This is a way to continually engage fans in the future to move forward, providing them with the opportunity to have less physical contact, even though they possess the same level of intimacy.

“The metaverse will be an extension of community engagement for all sports teams, brands and organizations,” Kim said. “It’s exciting to collaborate with metaverse architect Michael Potts and his team to create the new Utah Jazz metaverse costume, and we’re the first to add the commitment of the metaverse community that is unlocked through the NFTs of Jazz Genesis: The community ‘s commitment to metavers is our new reality and this new generation of NFT makes it possible. “

The first Jazz NFT collectible will be made available to the public from 10 a.m. MST on Tuesday, Sept. 7 and will run through Wednesday, Sept. 15, unless it runs out sooner. It can be purchased at rarible.com and will be protected by the Ethereum blockchain. There will only be 30 NFTs available for this opportunity.

The scheduled date for the tour with Ryan Smith is set for Friday, October 8th. Part of the benefits of the Jazz NFT program will benefit Utah’s nonprofits.

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